Chihuly Studio Editions

​Zinnia Macchia, 2014​

I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in some way that they’ve never experienced—Dale Chihuly

The captivating color combinations of Dale Chihuly’s Macchia series—exuberant and unexpected—achieve the artist’s vision of a visceral experience in color and ...

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​Marigold Persian, 2014​

Dale Chihuly’s Persian series is the culmination of his fascination with spontaneous forms and bold colors. Spiraling, fluctuating, and pulsing, these forms are singular, stand-alone objects alluring viewers with their seeming fluidity and complexity. “Over the years, these assemblages of glass elements have becom...

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​Sahara Basket Set, 2014​

Dale Chihuly’s Basket series was inspired by a collection of Northwest Coast Indian baskets that had begun to collapse from aging. “When Chihuly saw these misshapen fiber baskets, he saw the essence of glass,” explains Henry Geldzahler, then a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Chihuly inte...

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​ Maya Blue Persian Pair, 2014​

From a technical standpoint, the artist Dale Chihuly explains the Persian series as a “tour de force.” Symmetrical in the initial phase of the blowing process, the glass is slowly pushed to the limits of its stability. With the glass heated until it is ready to collapse, its symmetry disappears, and it reaches a p...

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