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From garden to table, this gastronomically focused series of classes will feed your senses as you learn how to creatively and nutritionally prepare, preserve and share food. Read more about the Conservatory's guest instructors. 

Winemaking 101 (Nine-Week Series)

Mondays, October 5–December 14 (No classes on October 26 & November 2), 6–7pm
Learn everything there is to know about wine. Make your own wine, discuss differences in grapes, sample food pairings and enjoy multiple tastings. Snacks provided during each class. Download full class descriptions. Hands-on & tasting led by internationally awarded winemaker and author Ted Young. 
$175 members; $200 non-members

Mother Sauces 101

Tuesday, October 6, 6–9pm
In the culinary world, all sauces are derived from one of five Mother Sauces: bechamel, veloute, espagnole, tomato, and hollandaise. Learn about these cooking mainstays  and sample dishes featuring each of the five Mother Sauces. Demo & tasting led by Chef Tom Hughes.
$40 members; $45 non-members

Asian Fusion

Saturday, October 10, 5–7pm
Three countries, one class. Make Chinese egg rolls, Japanese sukiyaki hot pot, and a traditional Korean rice cake dish, dok bokki. Hands-on & tasting led by Kaori Becker.
$35 members; $40 non-members

To Squid, with Love

Tuesday, October 13, 6–8pm
Unlock the secrets of this savory food, beyond deep-fried calamari. Enjoy grilled squid salad, stuffed baby squid and stir-fry. Paired with wine. Demo & tasting led by Chef Jim Yue
$35 members; $40 non-members

Cooking With The Seasons: Autumn

Wednesday, October 14, 6–8pm
The fall season provides a wealth of fresh and healthy produce to enjoy. Learn from a plant-based chef how to turn seasonal ingredients into delicious meatless meals. Demo & tasting led by certified natural foods Chef Mark Zedella. VEGAN
$35 members; $40 non-members

Crisps, Crumbles & Cobblers

Thursday, October 15, 6–8pm
Make seasonal fruit desserts that are easy to prepare and deliver big flavor. Prepare three dessert styles featuring local berries and fruits. Demo & tasting led by Gail Page  VEGETARIAN
$25 members; $30 non-members

Baking With Mother Recipes

Sunday, October 18, 2–4pm
One recipe, endless possibilities. Use a simple all-natural mother recipe and make a variety of muffins and sweet loaves with local fruits and spices. Hands-on & tasting led by Molly Shea, Pattycake Bakery. VEGAN
$30 members; $35 non-members

Fall Gnocchi

Thursday, October 22, 6–8pm
Make classic, light and fluffy Italian potato dumplings to enjoy with traditional bolognese sauce, as well as a pumpkin variety bathed in brown butter. Hands-on & tasting led by Chef Tom Hughes.
$30 members; $35 non-members

A Taste of Thailand

Saturday, October 24, 5–7pm
Enjoy mouthwatering Thai classics including traditional shrimp Pad Thai (other meats available), green coconut chicken curry with colorful vegetables and steamed jasmine rice. Finish off the evening with a sweet and creamy Thai iced tea with tapioca balls for dessert.  Vegetarian options available. Hands-on & tasting led by Kaori Becker.
$35 members; $40 non-members

Meatless Monday: Oil-Free Cooking

Monday, October 26, 6–8pm
Explore how to build flavor and texture with oil-free cooking methods and recipes including sauteing, roasting, marinades and dressings, and desserts. Demo & tasting led by certified natural foods Chef Mark Zedella. VEGAN
$35 members; $40 non-members

Fall Harvest Dinner

Saturday, October 31, 6–9pm
Enjoy all that the fall bounty has to offer with a four course meal: sweet potato and pumpkin ginger soup, roasted beet salad, stuffed chicken breast across roasted root vegetables and herbed risotto, and a dessert of apple tart and crème Anglaise.  Wine paired with each course. Demo and dinner led by Chef Doug Miller, Tall Timbers Banquet and Catering.
$55 members; $65 non-members

Soups & Stews

Monday, November 2, 6–8pm
Prepare hearty soups and stews that will keep you warm as the weather gets colder, including butternut squash soup and a hearty beef stew. Hands-on & tasting led by Chef Tom Hughes.
$35 members; $40 non-members

Knife Skills 100

Wednesday, November 4, 6–8pm
Learn basic knife construction, design types, and how to get a high-quality knife for a reasonable price. Enjoy salad with carrot ginger dressing, chicken teriyaki, and vegetable curry. Demo & tasting led by Chef Jim Yue. VEGETARIAN
$30 members; $35 non-members

Sushi Date Night

Saturday, November 7, 6–8pm
Learn how to make sushi rolls from scratch. Prepare a variety of rolls including salmon and avocado crunch roll, sweet potato tempura, fresh cucumber roll, and traditional California roll. Served with Japanese salad, miso soup, hot green tea, and delicious matcha green tea panna cotta, prepared by the instructor. Hands-on & tasting led by Kaori Becker.
$40 members; $45 non-members

More French Comfort Food Favorites

Tuesday, November 10, 6–9pm
Delight in the best France has to offer with a meal of Provencal salad with marinated artichokes and chevre, beef bourguignon with potato and celery root puree, green beans with walnuts, and heirloom apple cake for dessert. Paired with wine. Demo & tasting led by Steve Stover and Rich Terapak.
$45 members; $50 non-members

Foodie Finds

Thursday, November 12, 6–8pm
Sample an array of high-end gourmet foods, including caviar and fresh oysters, that will spice up the holiday table or make perfect gifts. Paired with wine. Hands-on & tasting led by local foods expert, Whole Foods Market.
$25 members; $30 non-members

Yogurt from Scratch

Saturday, November 14, 1–3pm
Make your own starter that transforms into creamy, delicious yogurt at home. Prepare parfaits with fresh summer berries and a moist lemon pound cake with whipped cream cheese frosting. Take home a yogurt starter prepared in class. Hands-on & tasting led by Kaori Becker. VEGETARIAN
$30 members; $35 non-members

Healthy Meals For The Holidays

Wednesday, November 18, 6–8pm
Looking for healthy alternatives to traditional holiday fare? Learn how to create a meat- and dairy-free Thanksgiving meal with simple, low-cost ingredients. Bring your appetite! Demo & tasting led by certified natural foods Chef Mark Zedella
$45 members; $50 non-members

Thanksgiving Dinner

Friday, November 20, 6–8pm
From turkey to all of the trimmings, learn how to make a Thanksgiving dinner that is sure to impress. Chef Tom will walk you through how to make a truly unforgettable meal that you can recreate at home. Paired with wine. Demo & tasting led by Chef Tom Hughes.
$40 members; $45 non-members

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Monday, November 23, 6–8pm
Fridge full of Thanksgiving leftovers? Move beyond the tired turkey sandwich and convert what’s left into creative and beautiful meals for days. Hands-on & tasting led by Chef Tom Hughes.
$30 members; $35 non-members

Meatless Monday: Holiday Amuse-Bouche

Monday, November 30, 6–8pm
An amuse-bouche, or “mouth amuser,” is a single, bite-sized hors d’ouevre. Learn how to impress your holiday guests with four simple and delicious appetizers that look like you spent all day making them. Paired with vegan wine. Hands-on & tasting led by certified natural foods Chef Mark Zedella. VEGAN
$40 members; $45 non-members

Party Perfect Wine & Cheese

Wednesday, December 2, 6–8pm
Compose a beautiful and seasonal cheese plate and learn about the best wine pairings to accompany your spread. Demo and tasting led by Christina Potter, certified cheese professional from Whole Foods Market. VEGETARIAN
$20 members; $25 non-members

Hot Soup, Cold Nights

Thursday, December 3, 6–8pm
Learn how to prepare easy and delicious soups that will help chase the winter chill away. Enjoy egg drop soup, hearty beef stew, and Tom Kha Gai from Thailand. Paired with beer. Demo & tasting led by Chef Jim Yue.
$35 members; $40 non-members

Italian Date Night

Saturday, December 5, 6–8pm
Enjoy the flavors of Italy together! Learn how to prepare a classic Italian meal including spinach-ricotta ravioli from scratch, creamy tomato vodka sauce, a light salad, and a Rome-inspired tiramisu cake. Paired with wine. Hands-on & tasting led by Kaori Becker.
$35 members; $40 non-members

Winter Pasta

Tuesday, December 8, 6–8pm
Fill the winter season with fresh pasta. Make fettucini with cream sauce and squash ravioli with brown butter sauce. Hands-on & tasting led by Chef Tom Hughes. VEGETARIAN
$30 members; $35 non-members

Everyday Superfoods

Wednesday, December 9, 6–8pm
Do superfoods sound exotic, expensive, and hard to track down? Learn how to select and prepare nutrient-rich foods that can be found in any grocery store and won’t break your budget, including greens, berries, nuts, and avocados. Tea paired with dinner. Demo & tasting led by certified natural foods Chef Mark Zedella. VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE
$35 members; $40 non-members

Holiday Cocktail Party

Thursday, December 10, 6–8pm
Make this year’s holiday party one that will impress your friends well into the new year. Prepare creative and delicious appetizers, including sun-dried tomato tartlets, spring rolls, and Italian mini meatballs. Hands-on and tasting led by Chef Jim Hughes
$40 members; $45 non-members

Japanese Fried Chicken & Homemade Noodles

Saturday, December 12, 6–8pm
Make Chicken Kara-age, deliciously crispy Japanese fried chicken, and craft authentic ramen noodles from scratch. Pair with a traditional broth, and top with chashu pork, scallions, and a gooey ramen-egg. Vegetarian options available. Paired with Japanese beer. Hands-on & tasting led by Kaori Becker.
$35 members; $40 non-members

Knife Skills 101: Holiday Edition

Tuesday, December 15, 6–8pm
Take control of your health and kitchen by learning how to safely slice and dice fruits and vegetables to make a magnificent meal. A holiday-styled meal is served. Bring your own knife. The Knife Skills 100 class is a pre-requisite. Hands-on & tasting led by Chef Jim Yue.
$35 members; $40 non-members

Festive Table Pleasers

Wednesday, December 16, 6–8pm
Prepare delicious mustards and chutneys and take home a jar of each to dress up your holiday table. Taste your creations with fresh cheese and crackers straight from the farm. Hands-on & tasting led by Jeannie Seabrook, Glass Rooster Cannery. VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE
$30 members; $35 non-members