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The Art of Homesteading

Tuesday, May 3, 6–8pm
Growing and raising your own food, fuel, fiber and medicine is gaining interest because it provides simple satisfaction in a sometimes complicated world. Learn why homesteading might be right for you and explore the basic skills you need to begin. Garden design for year-round harvest, preserving, backyard poultry keeping, foraging, and self-sufficiency are discussed.
Led by Rachel Tayse, Swainway Urban Farm | Location: The Wells Barn
$25, $20 for members

Live Begonia Wreath

Saturday, May 7, 1:30–3:30pm
Create a living wreath with beautiful begonias that bloom all summer. Make it for yourself or give the wreath as a Mother’s Day gift. All materials included. Bring gardening gloves and an apron if needed.
Led by Conservatory educator Christie Nohle | Location: AEP Education Pavilion
$50, $45 for members

Foraging for Supper: Working with Wild Plants and Weeds

Monday, May 9, 6–8pm
Lilies, sorrel, dandelion weeds and mushrooms—These are a few of the common foods of the wild that are waiting for us to harvest for supper. Enjoy a meal of fresh and local wild plants, including wild berry dumplings for dessert. Wine included.
Demonstration and tasting led by Jeannie Seabrook | Location: AEP Education Pavilion
$50, $45 for members

Just Dandy

Tuesday, May 10, 6–7:30pm
Dandelion: A friend or a foe? America has waged war on this cheery, persistent plant. Discuss the benefits of dandelions, sample dandelion tea and learn how to make dandelion wine and a healing skin salve.
Demo led by Conservatory educator Charlie Richardson
$25, $20 for members

Container Garden Design

Saturday, May 21, 11am–1pm
Learn the basics of successful container gardening and discuss container selection, soil and fertilizers, and designing with a wide variety of plants. Create your own container in a moss-lined basket. All materials included.
Hands-on led by Conservatory educator Christie Nohle | Location: AEP Education Pavilion
$50, $45 for members

Rain Barrels and Rain Gardening

Saturday, June 4, 11–1pm
Attend this informative, how-to presentation on capturing roof run-off to water plant beds, containers and vegetable gardens. Environmental and cost-effective benefits, as well as types of compatible plants and preparations are discussed.
Demo led by Conservatory educator Christie Nohle | Location: The Wells Barn
$25, $20 for members

Book Club – September

Monday, September 26, 6–7:30pm
Heirloom: Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer by Tim Stark

Follow the strange and ultimately rewarding journey of Tim Stark, government consultant from Brooklyn turned heirloom tomato and chile pepper farmer in Pennsylvania. In his first makeshift greenhouse, Stark tended over three thousand green tomato plants. It is safe to say, ushering in heirloom vegetable varieties to the modern age has become his obsession. With tomatoes beautiful enough to be featured on the cover of revered Gourmet magazine and sold in NYC’s famous Union Square Greenmarket, Stark’s tale of preservation is motivating and inspiring. This Book Club meeting is accompanied by a presentation on growing and caring for heirloom tomatoes by a Conservatory horticulturist.
Location: The Wells Barn 
$15, $5 for members

Book Club – December

Monday, December 19, 6–7:30pm
Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv

Winner of the Audubon Medal “for sounding the alarm about the health and societal costs of children’s isolation from the natural world,” this book explores the current generation of children and their nature-based education deficit.  Increased exposure to nature and the outdoors has shown to be beneficial to health, both physically and mentally. Discuss Louv’s suggestions on how to reverse “nature-deficit disorder” and help children gain appreciation for the natural world. This Book Club meeting is accompanied by a tour of the biomes by a Conservatory educator and a nature-based activity that Book Club members can pass along to children. 
Location: The Wells Barn
$15, $5 for members