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With nature as the touchstone for each workshop, the Conservatory’s camp programs allow children to gain hands-on experiences exploring the natural world through the lens of science and the arts. Each workshop is planned around a theme and includes age appropriate and enriching activities. Popular half-day camps for preschool and kindergarten students are again available in the morning and afternoon. Full-day camps are available for 1st–6th grade students. Download the full camp brochure. 

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Fairy Tales & Folklore

June 9–13  Morning Session:  9am–12pm  Afternoon Session: 1–4pm.
Ages 4–6. Favorite stories come to life in this entertaining camp where imagination is cultivated and interactive storytelling leads to hands-on adventures. Each day, campers learn a new story and new skills to make awesome crafts.

Children must be 4 by June 1 and potty-trained. 
$95 members; $105 non-members

Green Thumb

June 9–13, 9am–4pm
Ages 6–11. Campers learn about all things green as they explore the gardens and exercise their green thumbs! Perform mad botanist experiments, create garden art, enjoy garden-fresh snacks and learn what makes a garden grow.

$200 members; $210 non-members

Backyard Explorers

June 16–20, 9am–4pm
Ages 6–8. Campers explore the many habitats in Franklin Park to learn which insects, birds and other animals call them home. Campers investigate soil, seeds and sprouts to learn how plants grow, and make and use gadgets to explore the wonders of animals, plants and the natural world.
$200 members; $210 non-members

Culinary Creations

June 23–27, 9am–4pm
Ages 6–8. Campers explore their creativity and expand their culinary skills as they learn how to cook and bake a variety of healthy, delicious recipes. Participate in the entire process of harvesting, processing, cooking, and eating organically grown produce from the Conservatory’s edible gardens. 

$200 members; $210 non-members

Little Pirates

June 23–27  Morning Session 9am–12pm   Afternoon Session 1–4pm
Ages 4–6. Put on your eye patch and prepare to search for treasure! Each day, new adventures are led throughout the many habitats of Franklin Park. Using pirate maps and binoculars to find clues around the park, campers discover the creatures that live here and how they use plants to make their homes.

Children must be 4 by June 1 and potty-trained. 
$95 members; $105 non-members

Red, White, and Balloons

June 30–July 2, 9am–4pm
Ages 10–13. New this year! Campers celebrate the 4th of July by planning their own parties. With assistance from the Conservatory’s Event Sales Department, campers learn how to plan a special event with creating invitations, decorations, tastings, and fun activities for their family members.
$95 members; $105 non-members

Budding Botanists

July 7–11   Morning Session:  9am–12pm  Afternoon Session: 1–4pm
Ages 5–7. How does water move through stems, and why do leaves change color? This unique camp offers an incredible collection of plant projects and experiments that amuse and amaze little scientists. Hands-on activities explore the importance of plants in our everyday lives.
$95 members; $105 non-members

Adventures in Puppetry

July 14–18, 9am–4pm
Ages 8–11. Campers design and create an original cast of puppet characters inspired by the environments of the Conservatory while learning about stagecraft and puppeteering. The camp culminates with a collaborative puppet show.

$200 members; $210 non-members

Global Chefs

July 14–18, 9am–4pm 
Ages 10–13. Campers cook their way around the world and they sample new and familiar foods from different cultures, harvest fruits and vegetables from the Conservatory’s gardens, and create culinary masterpieces. The week concludes with an exciting cook-off between campers.

$200 members; $210 non-members

Junior Naturalists

July 21–25, 9am–4pm
Ages 8–11. Campers explore the gardens and grounds of the Conservatory to discover what is living in the ponds, trees, and under the soil. Hands-on experiences and experiments educate about water and the natural world.

$200 members; $210 non-members

Bugs, Bats, and Butterflies in the Garden

July 21–25  Morning Session 9am–12pm  Afternoon Session 1–4pm
Ages 4–6. What do bugs, bats and butterflies have to do with plants? Campers discover how insects and bats help plants grow, how bees make honey, and why ladybugs are a gardener's friend. Campers examine the bug world, plant seeds, and explore in the garden as they learn. 

Children must be 4 by June 1 and potty-trained. 
$95 members; $105 non-members

Becoming Animals

July 28–Aug 1  Morning Session:  9am–12pm  Afternoon Session: 1–4pm
Ages 5–7. Notice a lot of wildlife in your neighborhood or backyard? Ever wanted to run like a deer or fly like a bird? Each day, campers learn about a different urban animal and explore their world through imaginative play as they build dams, make nests, dig burrows, and “become” animals.

$95 members; $105 non-members

Cookbooks & Passports

July 28–Aug 1, 9am–4pm
Ages 6–8. Campers travel the world and learn about faraway places and cultures as they prepare fresh, healthy, international recipes using organically grown produce from the Conservatory’s Community Garden Campus. The budding chefs will impress friends and family with their new skills!

$200 members; $210 non-members

Nature’s Canvas

August 4–8, Morning Session 9am–12pm, Afternoon Session 1–4pm
Ages 5–7. New this year! Young artists develop a wonder and love of nature as they create and express themselves through art. The Conservatory’s unique plant environments and landscapes serve as inspiration to draw, paint, and create naturally beautiful artworks.
$100 members; $110 non-members

Summer Scientists

 August 4–8, 9am–4pm
Ages 6–11. New this year! Enjoy science, technology, engineering, and math? Campers create their own projects using recycled materials, mixed media, and critical thinking skills to figure out how things work. Projects include soda bottle rockets and homemade lava lamps.
$200 members; $210 non-members

Summer Drama Camp

August 11–15, 9am–4pm
Ages 6–11. In collaboration with the Columbus Modern Dance Company, join us for an adventure into the world of acting and dance. Kids create their own original production including creative movement, character development and script writing, concluding with a special performance in the Serenity Garden.
$200 members; $210 non-members