Little Adventurers

Thursdays, 10:30am
A weekly program for children ages 3–5 and their adult(s) that features a nature-related story or theme and a related activity. Program lasts 30–45 minutes.

Free with admission. No pre-registration required.

Family Fun with the Columbus Zoo

Second Sundays of the Month, 2pm
Family friendly presentations feature different animals each month. 
Free with admission.

Feathery Peacock Craft

Saturday, July 1, 11am–2pm
Peacocks are known for their amazing feathers. View the Conservatory’s topiary peacock with its impressive flower tail and make a peacock craft with colorful feathers.
Free with admission.

Tissue Paper Topiary Craft

Saturday, July 8, 11am–2pm
Glue puffs of colorful tissue paper to make a topiary inspired animal craft.
Free with admission.

The Turtle Lady

Saturday, July 15, 11am–2pm
Visit with the Turtle Lady, Nancy Lockhard, and her turtle friends. Make a turtle craft out of recycled materials.
Free with admission.

Ohio Nature Education presents Ohio Wildlife 200 Years Ago

Saturday, July 22, 11am & 2pm
Discover what animals wandered the woods and prairies when Ohio was over 90% forested. Meet live animal ambassadors and study skins, pelts and skulls. 
Free with admission.

Endangered Animal T-Shirt Craft

Saturday, July 29, 11am–2pm
Make a colorful endangered animal t-shirt using stencils and sharpie markers.
$5 per shirt.

John Becker presents Returning Wildlife

Saturday, August 5, 11am & 2pm
Dr. John Becker, children’s book author and former assistant to Jack Hanna at the Columbus Zoo, discusses endangered species and conservation through tales of his amazing animal adventures. 
Free with admission.

Family Fun with Mic and Max

Saturday, August 12, 11am & 2pm
Did you know that most macaws are endangered species? Meet Max, one of the Conservatory’s Blue and Gold Macaws, and join Conservatory horticulturalists Liz and Evan to learn about these amazing birds.
Free with admission.

Scratch Art Animal Masks

Saturday, August 19, 11am–2pm
Scratch away a design to reveal a rainbow of color on a wearable animal mask.
Free with admission.

Grass Head Planter Craft

Saturday, August 26, 11am–2pm
Decorate a pot with a funny face and plant it with grass seed “hair.” Take it home and watch it grow!
 $2 per craft.