Family Fun with Mrs. Claus

Saturday, December 20 & Sunday, December 21, 11am–2pm
Decorate cookies with Mrs. Claus. Santa and two of his live reindeer make a special appearance.
Free with admission

Family Entertainment

Monday, December 22, 11am & 2pm
Juggler Matt Jergens performs with a variety of props and audience participation. Matt shares juggling tips thirty minutes before each performance.
Free with admission

Family Fun

Tuesday, December 23, 11am & 2pm 
Naturalist Chris Rowlands uses song, dance, puppets, and colorful props to teach children about animals and their habitats.
Free with admission

Family Fun: Kwanzaa

Friday, December 26, 11am–2pm
Learn more about the Kwanzaa holiday through seasonal crafts and samples of celebratory food. At 11am & 2pm, Tony West and the Amani Dancers use traditional drums, music and dance to celebrate Kwanzaa and African heritage.
Free with admission

Family Fun

Saturday, December 27, 11am & 2pm
Endless Recess plays classic party tunes and interactive dance songs from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks movie soundtracks and popular television programs.
Free with admission

Family Fun with Our Zoo to You

Sunday, December 28, 11am & 2pm
Our Zoo to You brings a variety of animals, from a creepy crawly tarantula to a cuddly ringtail lemur, to pet, hold or hand-feed. 
Free with admission

Family Fun with Outback Ray

Monday, December 29, 11am & 2pm
Outback Ray presents Amazing Animals, featuring an array of exotic species.
Free with admission

Family Entertainment

Tuesday, December 30, 11am & 2pm
Family entertainer Erica Carlson presents a Balloon Mystery Magic Show and teaches children in the audience how to make their own “detective dog” balloon animal to take home. 
Free with admission

Family Fun with Dora the Explorer

Saturday, January 10, 11am–12pm& 1–2pm
Meet Dora for a photo opportunity during opening day of Orchids & Botanical Exploration. 
Free with admission

Tropical Luau

Saturday, Jan 17, 11am­–2pm
Sunday, Jan 18, 11am–2pm
Escape to the tropics in the exotic surroundings of the John F. Wolf Palm House. Listen to the tropical sounds of a steel drum band, and sample bacon-wrapped pineapple skewer or banana-coconut upside down cake ($1 per sample)
Free with admission

Where did all the animals go?

Monday, January 19, 11am–2pm
No School Today! Ohio Wildlife Center brings animals for a visit and shares educational information about where animals go in the winter.

Free with admission

Family Fun: Be a Friend to the Birds

Saturday, January 24, 11am–2pm
Create a birdfeeder out of an orange for your backyard birds.

Free with admission

Family Fun with Willy Wonka

Saturday, January 31, 11am–2pm
Meet a few characters from the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Characters.

Free with admission

Family Fun: Be an Orchid Explorer

Saturday, February 7, 11am–2pm
Search for clues throughout the Conservatory and receive a prize for solving the case of the missing orchid.
Free with admission

Family Fun: Celebrate Tu B’Shavt!

Sunday, February 8, 11am–2pm
Celebrate the New Year for Trees. Create a family tree using natural tree branches and creative items. Storyteller Alyssa Russell presents stories celebrating trees and nature at 11am, 12pm, 1pm.
Free with admission

Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 14, 11am–­2pm
Red Hearts and Sweet Treats! Create a Valentine for your special someone. Decorate a Valentine’s Day Cookie ($1)

Free with admission. Cookies, $1.

Family Fun: History, History Everywhere!

Monday, February 16, 11am–2pm
No School Today! Explore Ohio history with Ohio History Connection.

Free with admission

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Saturday, February 21, 11am–2pm
Come dressed as your favorite Alice in Wonderland character and attend the Cheshire Cat’s Tea Party. Enjoy special tea and sweet treats, create cat-themed crafts, and take part in a scavenger hunt throughout the Conservatory.

Free with admission

Family Fun with Mic and Max

Saturday, February 28, 11am–2pm
The Conservatory’s macaws, Mic and Max, make a guest appearance at 11am & 2pm. Learn about the rainforest habitat where they live and make a macaw out of colorful paper.
Free with admission