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Museums for All Columbus

The Conservatory is proud to be a member of Museums for All Columbus. We offer qualifying individuals admission at a reduced rate.

Participants in SNAP, EBT, WIC and Medicaid are eligible for $3 General Admission and Special Engagement tickets, as are their immediate families. Access Members also qualify for $3 special engagement tickets. Tickets are $3 for each qualifying individual and family member, it is not $3 for the entire group.

Proof of Access Family membership or SNAP, EBT, WIC or Medicaid will be required at the time of check in at the front desk. Please bring proof of participation and an ID. Tickets can be reserved before your visit online or over the phone as well as in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

At the Conservatory:

1. Make a plan to reserve tickets. Tickets can be reserved before visiting (online or over the phone) or in person.

Online: Use our ticketing system. $3 tickets will be available for reservation when using the ticket link at the top of this page. If necessary, add the promo code “mfa”
Phone: Call 614-715-8002 and ask about reserving Museums for All tickets
In-person: Speak to staff at the Conservatory’s Visitor Center located just beyond the Main Entrance

2. Bring your proof of participation, an ID and ticket (if reserved in advance) to the Conservatory.

3. Check in at the Visitor Center and then enjoy your visit

4. Come back again soon!

For Museums for All in general:

1. Go to the museum website that you wish to visit.

2. Read how to get your tickets. You can reserve your ticket online for some museums and you can get your tickets in person for other museums.

3. Bring your EBT card (also known as SNAP benefit) to the front desk or guest services. The most you’ll pay for a regular visit is $3 per person. And that’s it!

What is Museums for All?

Museums for All is a way to make museum visits low or no cost for people that get food assistance (also known as SNAP benefit). Museums for All is a national program focused on removing the barriers to visiting museums and cultural centers.

In 2020, six Columbus museums made a commitment to come together to become one of a few Museums for All Hub Cities. Furthermore, every museum made a pledge to dig deeper to understand the additional barriers that prevent people from visiting museums.

How many other folks get in with one qualifying benefit holder?

SNAP, EBT, WIC or Medicaid participants as well as their immediate family members qualify for Museums for All tickets. Immediate family members include parents, children and siblings.

Immediate family members must visit with the program participant.

Other museums may have different policies. Visit the museum’s website for exact information.

What other museums are included? 

There are six museums in Columbus that are a part of Museums for All. They are:

Why did Columbus want to become a Museums for All Hub City? 

Many of our museums already offered access programs, including Museums for All. Two years ago, the Columbus Foundation hosted a one-day event called the Big Explore. Columbus museums were a part of the day, which offered free access. Attendance was record-breaking and reinforced that there are many more people we can and want to serve. The Big Explore gave us the awareness that through collaboration, we can make our spaces more accessible.

Is low cost and free access enough to get people to visit? 

No. Low cost and free access is not enough to get people to visit museums. While COVID-19 halted our plans to launch in 2020, we continued talking about the underlying issues to access. National data shows that Museums for All visits make up a small fraction of total museum visits. It shows that low and free cost is not the only or key factor in why someone chooses not to visit a museum.

That is when we made the pledge to:

● Engage in a practice of listening with underserved and underrepresented people;
● Examine and align operations and resources to support the work;
● Re-evaluate and re-design programming;
● Re-evaluate and redesign communication practices.

How is the Columbus Foundation involved?

The Columbus Foundation partnered with all six museums to help identify underserved and underrepresented people and led us through an intensive, week-long, deep listening exercise. They helped us create new ideas to explore how to make museums more welcoming and a place of belonging.

What discounts are included?

Each museum is a little different. Some museums are free and some are $1-3 per person. Many museums have special exhibits and they might cost more. Visit the museum’s website to get exact information.

What if I need more information about the Conservatory's Museums for All program?

Please contact us! Visit our front desk, call 614-715-8002 or email [email protected].

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