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Conservatory Community Garden

The Franklin Park Conservatory Community Garden (FPCCG) is managed by the Growing to Green (G2G) Program. It is located in the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company Community Garden Campus and offers a variety of benefits to the communities. Not only does it improve access to fresh food but it provides a space for neighbors to connect and reflect on nature’s beauty. This garden also serves as a model for participants in G2G.

Rules & Guidelines

FPCCG requires all gardeners to read and abide by the following rules and guidelines to ensure the growth of the gardening community as well as the continuation of plot ownership.

Read Rules & Guidelines


Growing to Green Awards Growing to Green Award winners were announced at this year's Harvest Festival on September 7. Find out who won! The Communal Garden: Bold Brassicas October 27, 6-8pm

Brassicas, a genus of plants in the mustard and cabbage family, commonly known as cruciferous vegetables, are so much more than kale! Join us for a discussion on all brassicas.
Let's Garden The Communal Garden: Edible Ornamentals November 15, 6-8pm

Learn how to make the most of your garden space and learn about the best plants to include in your beds that provide visual interest and are edible.
The Communal Garden: Winter Interest December 6, 6-8pm

The show-stopping beauty of the garden doesn’t have to end in the summer! There are many plants—from winter ornamentals to trees and shrubs—that show beautiful color and add interest to your garden in the colder seasons.

Plot Registration

Community Gardeners Information

  • Plot Holder & Contact Information

  • Garden Plot Information

    Find the Rules & Guidelines linked on this webpage.

Volunteer Engagement Eligibility

The FPCCG serves as a model for community gardens for Central Ohio. As an equal part community to garden, a commitment of engagement from its plot holders is essential. Engagement can enhance the gardening experience with fellowship, learning, and connectivity. A minimum of 25 hours of volunteer engagement must be recorded.

  1. Volunteer engagement hours are defined as time:

    1. Spent maintaining a personal plot representing the Conservatory.

    2. Spent maintaining public space in the FPCCG.

    3. Spent volunteering on the main Conservatory campus.

    4. Spent engaging with other community gardeners in educational/social/work events at FPCCG.

  2. Volunteer Engagement Hour Management can be recorded through:

    1. Volgistics (recommended).

    2. Emailing to G2G Coordinator at

    3. Recording on the spreadsheet in the FPCCG shed.

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