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Girl Scouts

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is proud to partner with Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland to offer educational, hands-on activities that complement culinary-, art- and gardening-related badge requirements.

Self Directed programs are available now! All other Girl Scout programming will be available this Fall.


All of the Conservatory’s Girl Scout programs (save for Self Directed programs) are on hold until this fall. Please check back at a later date for more information.

New: Self-Directed Programs

Bring Your Troop to the Conservatory

Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens offers Girl Scouts unique opportunities to work towards earning badges while visiting our gardens. We are currently taking reservations for self-guided troops who can meet the following guidelines:

  • Maximum group size of 10 scouts (More scouts can be accommodated but you will need multiple chaperones to break into separated groups of less than 10)
  • Wear face coverings indoors and outdoors at the Conservatory
  • Maintain social distance from other guests and staff
  • Purchase badges separately from Girls Scouts

Scouts will be provided their packets upon check-in. At that time, they will be able to explore the Conservatory and complete the required activities. If interested, please contact us for more information and to finalize a program reservation.

Brownie Badge Adventures

It's Your Planet: Investigation Senses Badge Learn about senses and discover how extraordinary they are. Through hands-on activities and exploring the beauty of the Conservatory you will complete steps towards earning your Senses badge.
Legacy: Naturalist Bugs Badge (March-May Only) Explore the world of bugs and learn why they are so important to the well-being of our planet. With hands-on activities, an art project and an up-close visit with butterflies in the Pacific Island Water Garden biome, you will complete all the steps needed to earn this badge.

Junior Badge Adventures

Legacy: Naturalist Flowers Badge Work on qualifying for your Flower Badge by observing flowers inside and out. Explore our indoor and outdoor gardens to see real flowers and learn about orchids, some of the oldest flowers in the world. Take home materials to make flower look a-likes.
It’s Your Planet: Do It Yourself Gardener Badge Gather your troop and spend some time in our beautiful botanical gardens, learning what every plant needs to survive and thrive. Explore garden designs and find plants native to Ohio and create a garden plan for your very own backyard. Finish with seed experiments at home to earn your badge.
75 minutes Seed Stories Investigate the journey and needs of a plant. Create a garden in a glove to watch seeds sprout at home. Daisies will work on “From Earth to Sky” Journey. Cost: $10 per scout/adult
75 minutes Outdoor Art Maker Purple Coneflowers and buzzing bees, nature is full of art inspiration! Join us to be inspired and get creative with Girl Scout friends.

Badge Requirements Met:
See the colors of nature (Step 1)
Hear the sounds of nature (Step 2)
Share your outdoor art (Step 3, take home portion)
Cost: $10 per scout/adult
2 hours Buggy for Butterflies Search for creepy crawlies on a fun bug hunt that ends in a tropical haven full of fluttering butterflies. Study insect anatomy and life cycles while investigating these amazing creatures. Create a butterfly craft to take home and remember all the fun!

Bugs Badge Requirements Met:
Try a bug craft (Step 2)
See bugs in action (Step 3)
Take a bug field trip (Step 5)
Cost: $12 per scout, $10 per adult
2 hours Outdoor Art Creator Art can be found everywhere-not just inside four walls of a museum. Join us for a nature-inspired art hike exploring colors, music and nature’s beauty. Create an art piece of your very own.

Badge Requirements Met:
Find art ideas outdoors (Step 1)
Make something (Step 2)
Dance or make music outdoors (Step 3)
Design with nature (Step 5, Optional, visit the Fairy Garden to do this portion on your own)
Cost: $12 per scout, $10 per adult
2 hours Snack Attack Savory, sweet, and slurping; it will be a snacking sensation! Learn kitchen basics while making 3 different snacks to enjoy with Girl Scout friends.

Snacks Badge Requirements Met:
Make a savory snack (Step 2)
Try a sweet snack (Step 3)
Slurp a snack (Step 5)
Cost: $15 per scout, $10 per adult
2 hours Spring Gardener Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, spring has sprung and it is time to plant! Work towards your garden badge and gain new garden skills.

Gardener Badge Requirements Met:
Visit a garden (Step 1)
Learn how to choose garden plants (Step 3)
Grow a garden (Step 5)
Cost: $15 per scout, $10 per adult
2 hours Fall Gardener Explore the Conservatory gardens and the annual Harvest Blooms exhibition. Girls, design and construct their very own mini Zen garden. Take home seeds to continue the fun with some at-home sprouting experimentation.

Gardener Badge Requirements Met:
Visit a garden (Step 1)
Explore garden design (Step 2, make a mini zen garden)
Experiment with Seeds (Step 4, Take home portion)
Cost: $15 per scout, $10 adult
2 hours Outdoor Art Explorer Ramp up your photography skills while capturing the beauty of the biomes. In the classroom, learn how to propagate your own succulents to create a mini garden for some outdoor art in your home!

Badge Requirements Met:
Be a nature photographer (Step 4)
Design with nature (Step 5, make a mini garden)
Cost: $15 per scout, $10 adult
2 hours Simple Meals Broaden your culinary skills as you create in the Conservatory Kitchen! Learn new skills and enjoy brunch with your Girl Scout friends.

Badge Requirements Met:
Step up your skills with a pro (Step 1)
Whip up a great breakfast (Step 2)
Create a delicious dessert (Step 4)
Cost: $18 per scout/adult
2 hours Awesome Blossoms Discover the science of a flower as you explore the beautiful blooms of the Conservatory. Learn flower arranging basics and take home your own seasonal arrangement.

Flower Badge Requirements Met:
Uncover the science of one flower (Step 1)
Look under the petals (Step 2)
Send a message in flower code (Step 5, make an arrangement)
Cost: $13 per scout, $10 per adult
2 hours New Cuisines Let your taste buds get lost on a culinary tour full of sweet, savory and spicy flavors from around the globe. Create and sample recipes with your Girl Scout friends!

Badge Requirements Met:
Make a dish from another county (Step 1)
Discover a dish from another region of the United States (Step 2)
Cook a dish that makes a statement (Step 4)
Cost: $20 per scout/adult

Cadette Spring Camp-In (Spring 2021)

Cadettes join us to celebrate the new blooms of spring and the fluttering of butterflies. More details and registration to come!