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CCS Summer Camps

Inspired by the Conservatory’s summer camps, this six-week program serves Columbus City School students to bring STEAM concepts to life through experiential learning. Each “mini-camp” is geared to strengthen foundational knowledge and skills with engaging content and weekly design challenges. The challenges foster critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

The wrap-around curriculum, developed by Conservatory educators, is taught in collaboration by FPC Outreach Educators and CCS teachers. FPC Camp STEM engages Columbus City Schools Summer Experience students in grades Pre-K, K-2, and 6-8 in a series of “mini-camps” based around the Conservatory’s most popular summer camp themes. Conservatory educators visit classrooms three times a week, delivering 90 minutes of standards-based content that engages students in nature-based STEAM activities. These lessons strengthen their foundational knowledge, foster collaboration and critical thinking and, most importantly, make learning fun!

This unique learning experience is capped off with a field trip to the Conservatory, giving kids a chance to learn in a living classroom and putting together the concepts taught in the classroom through experiential learning.

“[My child] enjoyed the field trip a lot, talked about the visit non-stop and was desperate to come back!”
-Parent of CCS Student


“I miss summer school.”
-CCS Student

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