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The Fairchild Challenge

The Fairchild Challenge is a free, multidisciplinary, standards-based, STE(A)M-focused environmental education program for Middle School and High School classrooms which provides teachers with another tool to deliver core curriculum, and gives students an opportunity to shine.

By appealing to students’ innate sense of creativity and curiosity about the world around them, the Challenge invites learners to investigate environmental issues, devise imaginative and effective responses to these issues and to take action–at any level–to address them.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a partner in the growing consortium offering The Fairchild Challenge, a program launched in 2002 by The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami, Florida.

2018-2019 Fairchild Challenge Packet


2018-2019 Fairchild Challenge

Challenge #1
Green Cuisine
Fall Season Delights
Due Weds, Oct 10, 2018
Challenge #2
Visual Arts
Interpreting Ohio's Habitat
Due Weds, Dec 5, 2018
Challenge #3
Urban Garden Infomercial
Due Weds, Mar 6, 2019
Challenge #4
NASA-Collaborative Research
Growing Beyond Earth
Data Due Weds, Dec 5, 2018
Poster Due Weds, Mar 27, 2019



Fairchild Challenge Archives

Fairchild Challenge Submissions (2017 - 2018)

2017-2018 Fairchild Challenge: Overall Winners

FIRST PLACE: Granville Middle School

SECOND PLACE: Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School

THIRD PLACE: Dowd Education Center of Homeless Families Foundation


Challenge #1 Green Cuisine: Healthy Snacks & Comfort Food

FIRST PLACE ENTRY: PIZZABy Sydney Folk and Sterling Bond, Granville Middle School

SECOND PLACE ENTRY: MUFFINSBy Marie Weiss and Sierra Sarver, Granville Middle School

THIRD PLACE ENTRY: BROWNIESBy Rhayan Gangwer & Hannah Hardin, Granville Middle School



Challenge #2 Visual Arts: Petals & Pollinators

FIRST PLACE ENTRY | By Roger Ntirampeba, Columbus North International School

SECOND PLACE ENTRY | By Linda Ennin-Sampson, Columbus North International School

THIRD PLACE ENTRY (TIE) | By Katherine Diaz & Kesanet Gebremarium, Horizon Science Academy High School

THIRD PLACE ENTRY (TIE) | By Alyssa Ziegler & Fatoumata Sissoko



Challenge #3 Green Treasures: A Living History

FIRST PLACE ENTRY | By Megan Penn, Granville Middle School

SECOND PLACE ENTRY | By Marie Weis, Sophie Mitton-Fry, Sierra Sarver and Annika Washer, Granville Middle School



Challenge #4 Research/Video: Growing Beyond Earth

FIRST PLACE ENTRY | By Granville Middle School

FIRST PLACE ENTRY | By Granville Middle School

SECOND PLACE ENTRY |  By Dowd Education Center

THIRD PLACE ENTRY | By Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School

Fairchild Challenge Submissions (2016 - 2017)

Challenge #1 Green Cuisine: Many-Cultured Meals

FIRST PLACE ENTRY: CHILI DISH | By Cameron Canterbury, Reynoldsburg HS/Encore Academy



Challenge #2 Visual Arts: Traveling Plants

FIRST PLACE ENTRY | By Jai’Quanay Jefferson-Hayes, Columbus North International School

SECOND PLACE ENTRY | By  Sa’Mone Brickerson, Columbus North International School

THIRD PLACE ENTRY | By Ashok Biswa, Columbus North International School

HONORABLE MENTION | By Lamyia Dudley, Columbus North International School



Challenge #3  Waste Reduction: Styrofoam Drama

FIRST PLACE ENTRY | By Christine Gresham, Sierra Dillon, Reynoldsburg HS/Encore Academy

SECOND PLACE ENTRY | By Abby Charlton & Olivia Liberti, Granville Middle School

Videos coming soon!

Fairchild Challenge Submissions (2015 - 2016)

Challenge #1 Green Cuisine: Conservatory Cook-off

FIRST PLACE ENTRY: CHICKEN FAJITA SALAD | By Curtis Holman & Reina Watson, Reynoldsburg High School Encore Academy

SECOND PLACE ENTRY: PUMPKIN MUFFIN BALLS | By Suzanne & Martha Cibasu, Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School

CHALLENGE JUDGES | Christie Nohle, Franklin Park Conservatory / Ka Yeon Jeong, ScottsMiracle-Gro / Michael Wilkos, Columbus Foundation



Challenge #2 Global Challenge: Environmental Change

FIRST PLACE ENTRY: DYNOMITE | By Helen Prescod, Horizon Science Academy Columbus H.S.

SECOND PLACE ENTRY: MILKWEED MONARCH AND MONEY | By Sunkyung Jung, Gahanna Christian Academy



Challenge #3 Green Treasures: A Living History


SECOND PLACE ENTRY: DIFFERENT WAYS TO USE TREES… | By Awo Ali-Hashi, Horizon Science Academy

THIRD PLACE ENTRY: GREEN TREASURES | By Michael Sexton, Encore Academy



Challenge #4 Citizen Science: Be a Part of the Solution

Horizon Science Academy Entry

Encore Academy Entry

Videos coming soon!