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Challenge #3 Media/Video

Media/Video: Urban Garden Infomercial

MEDIA: Video

YOUR CHALLENGE: Traditional gardening and farming techniques have dominated Ohio’s landscapes. However in recent years, more and more of our local food is being produced in an urban setting. “In fact, according to the USDA about 15% of the world’s food supply is now grown in urban centers.” As our population continues to grow and open space declines, this new approach to growing food has the potential to revolutionize how and where we produce fresh food. Develop a business plan for an urban garden that you would like to see built at your school, and create an infomercial video pitching your ideas on how to grow food in urban environments. Videos should emphasize how to maximize small growing spaces and sustainable practices.

ENTRY SUBMISSION: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Electronically submit the following:

Challenge #3 Entry Form

Urban Garden Business Plan Template

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