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A World of Oak

This program follows the development of primitive human culture, agriculture and the profound influence oak forests have had on them. Learn about how oaks are used in various cultures around the world- including conventional and unexpected food usage- from artist and nature educator, Sigrid Neilsen.

The ecology, identification and preservation of these amazing trees is critically important. At the conclusion of the program, Sigrid invites students to sample many oak derived products, like Korean jelly and acorn bread. Try your hand at local species identification and further explore the world of oaks.

Sigrid’s Bio: Sigrid Neilsen is an artist and nature educator with a passion for the ecology, lore, and biology of plants and how their stories weave through our own. Join her in discovering the fascinating, rich story of oaks and how they have shaped the world.

A maximum of 20 students can sign up, so reserve your spot soon!

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