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Autumn in Japan

This is a cooking class led by local dietitian, Julie Palmer.

Enjoy the seasonal flavors of Japan with this participatory cooking class led by Dietitian Julie A Palmer. Our menu includes savory chestnut rice, a warm salad of chrysanthemum greens with tofu dressing, and ‘chawanmushi’, a silky egg custard with mushrooms, steamed in individual tiny cups. We’ll discuss the culinary background of these traditional foods as well as the nutritional benefits.

If necessary, please check your spam folder for communications about this class.

Instructor: Julie Palmer For the past 15 years, Dietitian Julie A Palmer has coached people from all walks of life to reach their
healthiest potential. Her holistic practice, Intuition Nutrition, encourages clients to make friends with
food – practicing enjoyment and nutrition in equal parts. Before becoming a dietitian, Julie worked in
central Japan as an English teacher and studied Japanese cooking with a trained chef. She is excited to
share her knowledge of Japanese homestyle cooking and hopes her participants can incorporate fun
Japanese flavors into their everyday meal rotations. Julie shares her home in Columbus Ohio with her
husband, cat, and two person-sized Japanese kotos, who collaborate with her to make music as