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A Bee Or Not A Bee

This is an educational class taught by Dave Noble, owner of Red Beard Bees.

What exactly is a bee? Why do bees pollinate plants? Do all bees make honey? To find the answers to these questions and more, take an enlightening journey through the natural history, habits, habitat, and ecology of bees with a bee expert. This class may change the way you see your backyard and what you see in your backyard.

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Instructor: Dave Noble Dave Noble began keeping and breeding honey bees quite by accident just over 25 years ago when he was trying to get some extra credit for a college course while majoring in Plant Pathology at OSU. He ended up working at the Universities' Honey Bee Research Lab for almost a decade. There he discovered a true passion for honey bees as well as developed a joy for teaching others how to care for and appreciate these magnificent little beasts. He is the owner, and operator of Red Beard Bees, a business dedicated to breeding better bees and training better beekeepers.