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Black Bean Sliders & Brownies

This class is sold out! Interested students can add their names to the wait list.

This is a vegan-friendly cooking class taught by chef A’Donna Fuller from Align Health.

Master the perfect veggie burger! Chef A’Donna Fuller will teach you to cook a bean burger that is full of flavor thanks to homemade burger seasoning and is the perfect texture (no crumbly patties in this class!). Finish the burger with lettuce, buns and vegan cheeses.

On the side, students will make garlic and herb potato wedges. For dessert, students will make healthy, energizing black bean brownies. The whole meal is full of veggies and diners may not even notice!

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Instructor: A'Donna Fuller After suffering a debilitating mystery illness that caused unbearable chronic pain, Chef A’Donna Fuller did extensive research into the use of food as medicine. She combines what she learned from specialized training from Harvard Medical School and her formal training from The Art Institute of Michigan for Culinary Management to help others do the same. Her proprietary core 4 coaching program is geared toward helping people overcome common barriers of cooking. It’s her belief that everyone should have access to food education, quality food, and simple techniques to make your culinary vision come to life.