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Bonsai Lecture and Demonstration

Franklin Park Conservatory, in partnership with the Consulate General of Japan in Detroit, is hosting Adam Jones, international Bonsai expert for a special lecture and demonstration.

About Adam Jones

After completing University degrees in The Fine Arts and Education bonsai professional Adam Jones arranged to build his cultural appreciation and world knowledge by spending a number of years teaching English in various countries throughout Asia. During those years he fell in love with the Japanese culture, particularly bonsai. After completing a five-year apprenticeship at one of the most renowned bonsai gardens in Japan, Mansei-En, located in the Omiya Bonsai-cho, Adam received certification as a bonsai professional from the Nippon Bonsai Association.

In 2018 Adam opened his own bonsai nursery in Ami-mach, Ibaraki Japan making him the first Western born bonsai professional to operate a garden in Japan. At his garden, Tree House Bonsai, Adam combines his unique background in education and Art with the traditional aesthetics of Japanese bonsai to create works of Bonsai Art that bridge the worlds of east and west. Adam strives to help western bonsai enthusiast overcome the linguistic and cultural barriers most visitors to Japan find difficult in order to provide them with a truly memorable experience, and help spread the joy and art of Japanese bonsai throughout the world.