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Chicken Fried Rice and Egg Rolls

This is a cooking class led by chef Rosilind Woodfork.

Learn how to make chicken fried rice, crispy pork egg rolls, fried wontons, and two sauces. A homemade spicy Thai peanut sauce and a sweet chili sauce. Chef Rosilind will help you improve your knife skills and teach you the proper technique for sautéing.

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Instructor: Rosilind Woodfork Chef Rosilind Woodfork started her culinary journey early on in life. At the age of 16, she catered her first small wedding while attending the Upper Valley Joint Vocational Career Center. Rosilind went on to earn her degree in culinary arts and hospitality management from Sinclair Community College in Dayton. She obtained her first management job shortly after graduation. Her love affair with the food industry, managing kitchens, writing menus and everything involved with being a chef grew throughout her 27-year career. As an executive chef, she realized her love for teaching culinary arts was just as strong as her passion for cooking, and is now pursuing teaching so she can pass along her skills to home chefs who share the same love of food.