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Expressive Floral Painting

This is a hands-on art class taught by artist, Michelle Boerio.

 Create a loose, playful flower painting. This standalone workshop will introduce students to making art with acrylics in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We’ll use a variety of tools and materials, mix drawing and painting, and try exaggerated colors to create fun, stylized art.

This class is appropriate for painters of any level—no prior experience is required!

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Instructor: Michelle Boerio Michelle Boerio is a visual artist and educator. She loves to make art that uses multiple mediums to make the world seem a little weirder and a little more beautiful. In 2021, she earned a BFA at the Ohio State University with a focus in Painting and Drawing and later a MA in Museum Education at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Currently, she lives and works in Columbus, Ohio, where she divides her time between making art and teaching art with students of all ages.