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Invasive Species: Invaders From Out of State

This is a virtual class conducted on Zoom. The instructor is Cassie Burris.

Landscaping and gardening can be such rewarding activities. You spend your time cultivating a beautiful yard and garden and come to know all the plants you’re growing. Sometimes, however, an unknown plant appears and begins to takes over your yard.

Where did it come from?  How do you get rid of it? In this class, you will learn how to identify different invasive species, why they’re invasive and how they negatively impact Ohio’s ecosystem.

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Instructor: Cassie Burris "My name is Cassie Burris. I have a degree in science and social studies education from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Throughout the years, you may have seen me teaching outdoor skills classes for the Girl Scouts and various topics at the Ohio History Center. My favorite thing to do is combine my two favorite subjects, science and history. You will notice some of my favorite topics combine both.

I believe that life long learning is the greatest thing we can do to better ourselves and that learning for all ages can be fun! In my spare time, I love exploring museums, zoos, and anywhere I can learn something new!"