We ask that all guests visit the Conservatory only with members of their immediate households, reserve tickets before visiting, and wear face coverings indoors and outdoors.

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Plant Science 101

This is a virtual workshop conducted on Zoom. The instructor is master gardener, Kimberly Kincaid.

Demystify the perplexity of growing plants.  This class is ideal for anyone who is beginning to grow plants or anyone who wants to learn more about plants they’re already growing. Students will learn and have fun by delving into how plants grow, basic plant parts and their functions, as well as why environment and nutrition are so important to plants.

After the class, students can apply what they learn to grow healthier plants and to make more informed choices when purchasing plants. Information learned in this class can be applied to houseplants, vegetable gardening and flower gardening.

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Instructor: Kimberly Kincaid "My name is Kimberly Kincaid. I earned a degree in Agriculture and Education from The Ohio State University, well, a long long time ago. After spending 25 years in the insurance industry it was time to get back to my ‘roots’ so in 2016 I returned to The Ohio State University and studied sustainable plant systems. In 2020 I became a Franklin County Master Gardener Volunteer.

I have designed, created, and maintained many gardens over the last 30+ years and while successes are great, I must admit that I have learned more from my failures as by my success. This is so true, that my garden referred to as my botanical laboratory.

I love all things plants and can be a bore at parties unless you love plants as much as I do. My favorite things to do are to buy plans, grow plants, make new plants and to teach others about plants."