In accordance with the City of Columbus, all guests are required to wear face coverings while indoors.

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Pruning Workshop

This is a class taught by master gardener, Barb House.

Students will learn some basic rules about pruning: what to look for before pruning, what to cut, and where to cut. Students will also learn, most importantly, why pruning is essential. The instructor will cover pruning grasses, shrubs, trees and perennials.

If necessary, please check your spam folder for communications about this class. We ask all participants to be aware of and comply with the Conservatory’s current Health & Safety procedures.


Instructor: Barb House

“I’d always been interested in plants so I joined the Franklin Co. Master Gardener program 22 years ago. The first thing I learned was how little I knew about every aspect of gardening. Luckily, the program offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities and classes so I’ve learned a lot since then. I have also taken numerous classes in horticulture and crop science, plant pathology, turf grass, ecology, entomology and landscaping at OSU and Columbus State.

I spend a lot of time in my yard where I grow ornamentals and in my community garden plot where I grow fruits and vegetables. I live in Worthington with my husband and I have 3 grown children who, I’m happy to say, all have their own gardens now.”