We ask that all guests visit the Conservatory only with members of their immediate households, reserve tickets before visiting, and wear face coverings indoors and outdoors.

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Romantic Desserts

This is a virtual cooking class presented on Zoom by Ronanda Perkins of Katzinger’s Deli.

You’ll never know when you need to create beautiful, tasty, and romantic desserts for your loved ones. Make sure you know how by cooking along with Ronanda as she creates a decadent raspberry chocolate torte and tasty strawberry cookies.

An ingredient list will be sent out to students one week before the class. Students must acquire the ingredients in advance.

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Instructor: Ronanda Perkins

Ronanda Gretchen Perkins is a Cleveland, Ohio native, and a graduate of The Ohio State University, where she first began working in the restaurant industry.

Ronanda (Row-nan-duh) has now been working in food service for 16 years.  For the past 11 years she has been at Katzinger’s Delicatessen with the most recent 5 years as their Kitchen Manager. In her time with Katzinger’s, she has become an accomplished Soup Queen, a Schmaltz Wizard, and a respected source for unorthodox cooking.