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Sauce Making 101

This class is sold out! Those interested can view other culinary classes or join the wait list. Joining the wait list will result in a confirmation email, this does not guarantee a spot in the class.

This is a cooking class led by chef Bill Hardin.

Join Chef Bill for an introduction to sauce making. A sauce is a key component of many dishes, adding flavor, moisture and complexity. Chef Bill will guide students through a classic method of sauce making as well as contemporary sauces.

Our first sauce will be a classic hollandaise from scratch, which we will partner with grilled asparagus. Then we will modify this into a bearnaise to serve with fresh salmon. Next, we will be preparing a classic pan sauce to pair with a roasted pork tenderloin. Our last sauce will be a fruit coulis which will accompany grilled fruit.

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Instructor: Bill Hardin Chef Bill Hardin graduated from Columbus State Community College in the chef apprenticeship program with honors. He has worked as a professional chef for over twenty years. He is an award-winning chef who has worked in the medical, retail and corporate fields as a chef. He has catered weddings, parties, anniversaries and office functions. He also has taught many classes in-person as well as online.