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The Communal Garden: Winter Interest

This is a community gardening class taught by the Conservatory’s Growing to Green Coordinator, Sean McKay. Classes in The Communal Garden series teach gardeners skills that can be used in community gardens or to support their community through gardening. They are low-cost in an effort to advance gardening skills in our communities. The series is a part of the Conservatory’s Growing to Green program, which supports and develops community gardens across Central Ohio.

The show-stopping beauty of the garden doesn’t have to end in the summer! There are many plants—from winter ornamentals to trees and shrubs—that show beautiful color and add interest to your garden in the colder seasons. Learn what a gardener needs to do to prepare for winter. Students will learn about plants that are most hardy for an Ohio climate and consider which plants might benefit their garden.

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Instructor: Sean McKay Sean McKay is the Growing to Green Coordinator at Franklin Park Conservatory with a wide range of experiences and education in horticulture, urban farming, landscape design, community outreach, and activism. He's passionate about sharing his love of the natural world and empowering people to grow their own food.