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Victory Gardening

This is a virtual class conducted on Zoom. The instructor is Cassie Burris.

The year is 1941 and the United States has declared war upon Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor. People everywhere are asked to make sacrifices for the war effort. Many young men and women join the war while people at home, still facing the aftermath of the Great Depression, are looking for ways to assist the troops. One idea that is catching on is planting a garden at home, so food from commercial farms can be sent to troops on the front lines. They call this idea Victory Gardens.

If you attend this class you will learn how to create and manage your own Victory Garden. The teacher will share tips from “Planning, Planting, Preserving”, a Victory Garden guide book, and other primary sources. Learn the history of Victory Gardens, the strict guidelines that the government had in place and the recommendations provided for growing a well-balanced garden. The model of the time showed how to effectively grow a garden for small to large families.

This class will interest plant and history lovers alike!

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Instructor: Cassie Burris "My name is Cassie Burris. I have a degree in science and social studies education from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Throughout the years, you may have seen me teaching outdoor skills classes for the Girl Scouts and various topics at the Ohio History Center. My favorite thing to do is combine my two favorite subjects, science and history. You will notice some of my favorite topics combine both.

I believe that lifelong learning is the greatest thing we can do to better ourselves and that learning for all ages can be fun! In my spare time, I love exploring museums, zoos, and anywhere I can learn something new!"