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Watercolor: Fall Harvest

Colors of the Forest

Saturday, November 3, 1–3pm

We’ll be learning basic watercolor techniques such as laying the wash, wet into wet, hard edge and soft edge. Help with set up of the supplies is demonstrated in the first class. This is a chance to express the warm colors of autumn in a mosaic pattern. We will be producing some brilliant color with watercolor.

Pumpkins & Gourds

Saturday, November 10, 1–3pm

Create a serial painting of pumpkins and or gourds of many varieties. We’ll be studying realism with the soft edge versus the hard edge

Frost on the Water

Saturday, November 17, 1–3pm

Paint the frosted ice of a pond beside a beautiful white birch forest, all without using white paint! We will learn to appreciate more and more the beauty of the light.


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