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Watercolor: Beautiful Birds & Autumn Leaves

Bird is the word for this watercolor class. Develop your watercolor skills as you paint a different bird each week paired with the vibrant colors of autumn. Register for the series or take a class.

Led by artist Mindy Newman.

Four-Week Series: Saturdays, October 5, 12, 19 & 26, 13pm



Class Schedule:

Cardinals with Autumn Leaves
Saturday, October 5, 1–3pm
The Ohio state bird in autumn leaves makes for challenges. We will have a 30 talk on planning the composition. Then, based on our photos or the instructors’, we will apply some of the tips to the plan. This lesson will contain a simplified drawing lesson for beginners with some basic watercolor.
Class Location: Conservatory Meeting Room A

Saturday, October 12, 1–3pm
Woodpeckers feeding on a tree is the subject of this beautiful and simple vignette (painting with no background). We will focus on the Audubon birds and their detail. The instructor will lead a simple draw-along for beginners. Learn technical tips on how to hold the brush.
Class Location: Conservatory Meeting Room A

Goldfinch and Sunflowers
Saturday, October 19, 1–3pm
This is a great combo for autumn watercolors. We’ll explore the use of yellow and the unique problems it presents. A color wheel is explained to beginners and a demo on painting these beautiful birds for all.
Class Location: Education Pavilion

Owls in Autumn
Saturday, October 26, 1–3pm
This will be a study in neutral shades for intermediate to advanced. Browns and grays will be useful for this subject matter. A lesson for beginners in painting the owl’s eyes. Learn how to paint the feathers and how to shade with this particular textural design.
Class Location: Education Pavilion