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Herbs for Maidenhood and Motherhood

Reconnect with the nourishment and magic of healing herbs that are particularly beneficial for women. Discover your feminine plant allies during the ‘Herbs for Maidenhood and Motherhood’ workshop, which includes loose-leaf tea personalized for each student. Led by Wild Origins herbalist Aniko Zala.

This workshop may be taken individually or as part of the Wild Origins series. A discount is applied when signing up for the entire series. (Scroll down for more information about the other workshops.)

Four-Class Series: Wednesdays, September 4, October 2, November 6 and December 4, 6–7:30pm. The series is $140 ($130 for members).

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Class Schedule

Herbs for Self Care
Wednesday, September 4, 67:30pm
Fragrant and medicinal herbs can bring so much to a self care practice. Some can melt tense muscles or calm busy thoughts. Others can help dramatically if we feel exhausted or down. Come to this new Wild Origins workshop to learn how to use a handful of key herbs and self care practices to bring balance to your body and mind. At the end of the workshop everyone will apply what they have learned to make an herbal oil for the skin.


Herbs for Maidenhood and Motherhood
Wednesday, October 2, 67:30pm
The art of gathering plants and making medicines was within the realm of maidens, mothers, and crones for thousands of years. So many of us want to reconnect with the nourishment and magic of healing plants. I’ve found that this is particularly true for the work of easing and supporting cycles, pregnancy, and childbirth.

In this class we will taste and discuss herbs that are particularly beneficial for women. These herbs nourish our bodies, balance hormones, ease menstrual cramps or childbirth, soothe raging skin, promote or suppress fertility, clear up infections, and bring dreams. Join us and discover your feminine plant allies. Everyone will take home some looseleaf tea made from an herb they connected with during the workshop.


Herbs for the Family
Wednesday, November 6, 67:30pm
In this Wild Origins workshop we will learn about using herbal teas, baths, natural “candies,” and oils to ease our kids through the bruises, rashes, colds, and lovely diarrhea bouts of childhood. So many of these everyday issues are surprisingly easy to manage with a few key herbs that are easily grown in your home garden. We will taste and learn about these herbs and discuss a few simple (and tasty) ways of using them. Everyone will make and take home a jar of herbal vinegar or glycerite.


Herbs for Digestion
Wednesday, December 4, 67:30pm
Cultures around the world have long used herbs to aid digestion. This is why meat is often paired with rosemary, fennel is eaten after meals in India, and jasmine mint tea is served after a heavy Moroccan tajine. In this workshop we will discuss and sample herbs that can help ease the variety of digestive complaints you or your family are certain to experience at some point. We will also focus on the role that bitters can play in healthy digestion. At the end of the workshop we will each make a jar of bitters to take home.