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Wood Fired Pizza

This class is sold out! Interested students can add their names to the wait list.

This is a cooking class taught by the Chef, Bill Hardin.

Chef Bill will guide you through the Italian tradition of preparing pizza dough from scratch, proofing the dough, then rolling and stretching it. While our pizza dough is proofing we’ll prepare a sauce and toppings. You’ll have a choice of ingredients to experiment with to create your custom pizza. The next step is to cook the pizzas in the wood fire pizza oven at the Conservatory’s Live Fire Theater. Enjoy your customized hearth-baked pizza with a simple salad and a glass of wine.

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Instructor: Bill Hardin Chef Bill Hardin graduated from Columbus State Community College in the chef apprenticeship program with honors. He has worked as a professional chef for over twenty years. He is an award-winning chef who has worked in the medical, retail and corporate fields as a chef. He has catered weddings, parties, anniversaries and office functions. He also has taught many classes in-person as well as online.