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Sister Cities: Horticultural Sites, Events, and Developments


Columbus has 10 sister cities across the globe from Curitiba, Brazil to Ahmedabad, India. Each city has its own unique culture, environment and plant life. Despite their differences, there is a fundamental truth each of these cities share: gardens and greenspaces elevate the quality of life.

Take a horticultural tour of the world by making stops at our various sister cities. Learn about their botanical sites, advancements in horticulture and floriculture events.

Columbus’ Sister Cities

Accra, Ghana

Ahmedabad, India

Curitiba, Brazil

Dresden, Germany

Genoa, Italy

Hefei, China

Herzliya, Israel

Odense, Denmark

Seville, Spain

Tainan City, Taiwan

More to Explore

Chihuly Collection
July 1 – December 31 Chihuly Collection The Conservatory is currently displaying 19 installations of breathtaking Chihuly glass artwork from its collection, the largest private collection in a botanical garden. After several stunning exhibitions over the years,…
Paul Busse Garden Railway
April 2 – January 9 Paul Busse Garden Railway The Paul Busse Garden Railway is making a second stop in the Grand Mallway of the Conservatory, this year for three additional months! Guests can once again travel to their…
In The Gardens: Color To Discover
May 29 – September 12 In The Gardens: Color To Discover Enjoy the glory of summertime's gifts! Thousands of carefully tended foliage and flowers, comprising the full spectrum of color, will delight visitors as they meander the botanical gardens. Over 230…
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