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Tiger Topiary

Immerse further into Topiary Takeover! The twenty topiaries inspired by UNESCO Natural Heritage Sites are paired with additional content to further guest enjoyment and accessibility. Use the four green links below to be taken directly to the additional content:

Audio Tour: Listen to Conservatory staff poetically describe the topiary displays, as well as the surrounding plantings. The audio sets the scene and provides context and plant information for each display.

Written Description: Read a written transcript of the audio tours to learn more about each display. The description provides context and plant information.

Image Gallery: View images of the topiary displays. The gallery shows the displays as a whole as well as the details that make each one special.

Playlist: Listen to the music that plays with each display, highlighting various cultures and connections to the UNESCO sites.

Audio Tour

Conservatory staff read a description of the Royal Bengal Tiger topiary that emerges from the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans in Bangladesh and India.

Written Description

Read a written version of the audio tour that describes the Royal Bengal Tiger topiary and Sundarbans-inspired plantings.

We have left the Conservatory and been transported to a mangrove forest in South Asia. A mangrove is a large shrub to a small tree that grows in coastal saline or brackish waters. They have extensive root systems that are partially visible above the ground. The Mangroves’ dense root systems slow the flow of tidal water and encourage nutrient-rich sediments to settle. 

Emerging from the mangroves is a Royal Bengal Tiger, which appears to be stalking its prey. Clumps of lemongrass, fountain grass, and feather reed grass camouflage the tiger. The plants surrounding the tiger in the garden give the feeling of a river’s edge, with trees, shrubs, and grasses. The leaves of the nannyberry viburnum are reminiscent of those of the mangrove tree, while laid and layered branches look like the exposed tree roots of the mangrove.

This 5 feet tall and 12 feet long Royal Bengal Tiger is composed of bronze sedum, trimmed copper carex that frames its face, and black, orange, and white reindeer moss.

Image Gallery

View the Royal Bengal Tiger topiary, the entire Sundarbans-inspired scene and detail shots of the plant life.


The folk music of Bangladesh has a long tradition of religious and secular themes. The music you are listening to includes traditional folk music as well as more contemporary music created by Bengali musicians.

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