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Blooming Now: Black Orchid

Current status: The orchid is blooming! Check here and on social media for updates.

Fredclarkeara orchids — specifically the After Dark variety — are famous for being the first of the nearly black orchid hybrids the world has ever seen. The genus is named after the breeder who brought this orchid into existence, Fred Clarke.

The Fredclarkeara orchid on display here is the After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl’ variety (×Fredclarkeara × After Dark gx SVO Black Pearl).

This individual made its public debut at the Conservatory in January 2019, when it had a single flower spike (inflorescence). Now, it has three! Clark describes this variety as the best of the ‘black flowered’ types, with 15 to 22 flowers per inflorescence and two to four inflorescences per bulb.

Although famous for its color, this orchid also is also admired for its lovely, spicy-sweet fragrance.

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