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Fall Color Report

The brilliant colors of changing foliage are a highlight of the fall season. These weekly reports will help visitors identify where to look for color at the Conservatory or in Franklin Park. Leaves are a focal point, but visitors may discover more surprising sources of fall color!

Reports will be published on Thursday mornings and can also be found in the weekly newsletter and on the Conservatory’s social media channels (@fpconservatory).

September 22 Report We're in the early days of fall color this year, the timing of which is impacted by temperature and precipitation. You'll notice hints of change in the trees but the most eye-catching colors at this point come from autumn blooms, berries, fruits and nuts:

  • Ohio buckeyes and many of the oaks have already dropped most of their nuts, creating a feast for the squirrels

  • American Strawberry bush located in the Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation Children's Garden. The red fruits look like strawberries but they're not!

  • Weigela, a flowering shrub with pink blooms also in the Children's Garden

  • Goldenrod's yellow blooms are visible in the Grand Mallway and on the Botanical Garden path

  • Chokeberry, located in the Grand Mallway and Paul Busse Garden Railway, has berries in a range of reds, oranges & yellows

  • Anemone, in both white and pink, are blooming throughout the outdoor gardens

  • Rudbeckia are also happily flowering throughout the gardens

A few of the trees starting to show color:

  • Red maples are the most notable. Spot them near the Children's Garden and in Franklin Park

  • Flowering dogwoods are also in the Children's Garden, these leaves are turning red-purple

Ohio Buckeye
American Strawberry Bush
White Anemone
Pink Anemone
Red Maple
Flowering Dogwood

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