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Staff’s Favorite Plants

We love plants just as much as you do!

Meet some of the Conservatory's dedicated staff and learn about their favorite plants.

Gina, Horticulturist

Favorite Plant: Panda Plan

“Plants have helped me stay connected to friends long before social distancing was a thing! This little panda plant (now a wildly leggy monster) was re-homed to me by one of my best friends last May before she moved to Spain. We might be thousands of miles apart, but caring for it is a nice reminder to check-in with her and keep our connection strong. Trading plants with pals is one of the greatest joys in my life, and I encourage everyone to swap some around if you’re getting bored of your current set-up. (Also: see what neat containers you can innovate as pots while staying at home! Just make sure there are a few holes in the bottom or a layer of rocks to allow sufficient drainage—and don’t overwater.)”

panda-plant gina-with-panda-plant