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Two outstanding tree-top roosts await: Mulberry Perch, at ten feet above the ground, and Hammock Lounge, at thirteen feet above the ground. These twin destinations are the highest points along the Children’s Garden journey. Artistically-designed and laser-cut metal railing panels populate the Canopy Walk, bringing the story of Ohio’s native animals and plants, and its ever-changing seasons to the forefront.

The Canopy Walk Mulberry Perch Mulberry Perch offers a commanding view of the garden and the elusive Spotted Salamander. Here, children and their caregivers are introduced to the largest tree in the Children’s Garden, a White Mulberry. They also find the larger-than-life Cardinal's Nest, a nest in which kids and their grown-ups feel bird-sized.
Hammock Lounge Hammock Lounge features a true bird’s eye view of some of the most striking yet delicate spring wildflowers Ohio has to offer. The Hammock is the star of the show. Children can run, roll, lie on their bellies and look at the woodland wildflowers below, or switch to their backs and cloud gaze.
The Canopy Walk Cork Tree Rope Walk The Rope Walk provides an experience like no other in the Children’s Garden, as children and adults alike cross two lively rope bridges. Strung between existing cork trees, the Rope Walk has landing areas to help you catch your breath and take in the views above and below on your way to the Hammock Lounge.