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Nature is the touchstone for the Conservatory’s summer camp programs. From cultivating and harvesting a garden to creating a culinary masterpiece, summer camp at Franklin Park is anything but expected.

Camps are offered for ages 3 through 8. Campers participate in fun-filled activities throughout the day with a focus on the camp’s theme. A supervised lunch and half-hour free time will take place every day, allowing campers to participate in unstructured play and an opportunity to make new friends.

In addition to themed activities, campers will explore the Conservatory and its many gardens, including The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation Children’s Garden. Features include a creek, wetland area, canopy walk, nature art studio, playhouse and more!

Cancellation Procedure and Refunds:

Cancellations made prior to May 23rd will receive a full refund minus a $25 administration fee.  Cancellations made after 5/23 but more than 2 weeks prior to the start of camp will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made within 2 weeks of the start of camp will receive no refund.


A 50% scholarship may be available to eligible children. Scholarship eligibility is determined by participation in Franklin County school districts Free/Reduced lunch program, CareSource, Ohio Directions card, Medicaid card, W.I.C. card or Molina card. Please contact us if you are interested in applying for this program.

Limited Availability

A very limited number of spots may open up in the select camps. These spots will be available below on a first come first served basis. Wait lists will be available once the spots are filled. Updates are also shared on our Instagram story.

2022 Camps


Ages 3 & 4
June 6-10 | Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm Garden Detectives Let’s dig deep into the secrets of the garden! Garden exploration and hands-on activities nurture an understanding of where our food comes from and an appreciation of the beauty and magic of the natural world. We’ll discover seeds and roots, vegetables and fruits, wiggling worms, butterflies, and bugs. Children must be toilet trained. $135
June 13-17 | Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm All the Colors of the Rainbow What makes a rainbow? Where do colors come from? Explore the science and beauty of color – it’s everywhere we look. Discover favorite colors with hands-on activities and search for color in the Conservatory’s gardens. Children must be toilet trained. $135
June 20-24 | Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm Trains, Planes and things that Go! Get your ticket to adventure as we travel into the world of transportation. Stories, games and STEAM-based activities will provide the science and engineering behind all methods of transportation. Children must be toilet trained. $135
June 27-July 1 | Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm Fairies, Elves, and Gnomes, Oh My! Join us for a fun week with new friends; real and imaginary! Stories and hands-on activities bring the legends of fairies, elves and gnomes to life. Unlock the secrets of the mystical creatures that live in our gardens and create your own fairies and a special home for them. Children must be toilet trained. $135
July 11-15 | Monday-Friday 9am-12pm B is for Bugs We’ll explore the world of crawling, wiggling, and flying bugs – butterflies, bees, beetles, spiders, worms and more! Outdoor explorations and hands-on art and science investigations help develop an understanding of an insect's role in our environment. Join us for a “bug's-eye view” of the world. Children must be toilet trained. $135
July 18-22 | Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm Messy Science Have you ever made your own Play Dough? How about bubbles so big and fluffy they will fill a mixing bowl to the tippy top? Come play with us and learn all about science while creating messy fun! Every day will be filled with STEM activities inspired by ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard. Children must be toilet trained. $135
July 25-29 | Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm We Dig Dinosaurs Calling all preschool paleontologists! Let’s “dig” into the world of dinosaurs and learn about their life long ago. Go on dinosaur digs to search for fossils and create our own Jurassic world. Discover living remnants from the days of dinosaurs! Children must be toilet trained. $135
August 1-5 | Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm The Forecast is Fun! Sun, rain, wind, clouds, rainbows, snow – Weather is all around us! Explore the weather through hands-on experiments, stories, art, and games. Investigate why weather matters and why it is always changing. Good times are in the forecast! Children must be toilet trained. $135
Ages 5 & 6
June 6-10 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Messy Scientist Have you ever made your own Play-Dough? Created Elephant Toothpaste or a Baking Soda Volcano? Come learn all about science with things you already have around the house. Get messy and explore the conservatory. Being a scientist has never been more fun! $275
June 13-17 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Storybooks Alive There is fun to be had and discoveries to be made through the magic of stories! Books and characters come to life through art, science, and exploration around the Conservatory. Enjoy story-based activities from water play to getting dirty in the garden. Fill your imagination and get lost in the wonderful world of storybooks! $275
June 20-24 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Dinosaurs, Dragons, and Unicorns They walk, they fly, they roar and maybe they have magical powers. Learn about fossils, and turn your favorite creature into art. Gain knowledge about prehistoric life and play on the grounds of “Jurassic” Franklin Park. $275
June 27-July 1 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Transportation Adventures All aboard! Come along for a fun-filled ride through all modes of transportation. Learn about everything from trains to planes to spaceships. Create your own transportation vehicle out of materials found around the conservatory. Visit our train display and gardens for inspiration. $275
July 11-15 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Express Your Mess Dive your hands into ooey-gooey slime, oobleck and so much more! Use all your senses with experiments connected to storybooks in this messy hands-on week of sensory fun. Enjoy a range of hands-on activities with the goal of making a creative mess. $275
July 18-22 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Fairy Tales & Fantastic Beasts Do you love stories and using your imagination? Start each day with a fairytale and then spend time doing fun, themed activities that help bring the story to life. Design your own monster, make art fit for royalty, and explore the Conservatory and all it has to offer. $275
July 25-29 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Pirate Palooza and Mermaids Too Ahoy maties! Grab a map and a spyglass; excitement awaits those who are ready for a new adventure. Enjoy life as a pirate - walk the plank, search for treasure and mermaids and play pirate games. You’ll be talking and looking like a pirate in no time. $275
August 1-5, Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Pollinators & Habitat Hunters They crawl, they fly, and they pollinate. With binoculars in one hand and magnifying glass in the other, discover the creatures responsible for fruits and vegetables. Explore the children’s garden while searching for pollinators of all kinds. Build a bird’s nest and make butterfly crafts. $275
Ages 7 & 8
June 6-10 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Jurassic Franklin Park If you love everything about dinosaurs, then this is the camp for you! Discover how paleontologists learn about these ancient reptiles by investigating real fossils and replicas. Excavate and make your own fossils, create dinosaur art, eggs, and habitat. $275
June 13-17 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Summer Scientists Become a nature detective at the Conservatory where science is everywhere. See how learning can be fun through investigation, experiments, problem-solving and engineering. Explore through hands-on activities from several branches of science. There are discoveries to be made and fun to be had! $275
June 20-24 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Nature Art Calling all budding artists! The flowers are in bloom and adventure awaits. Experiment with patterns and colors, turn nature into art and have fun creating with different materials. Bring ideas to life through textiles, painting, jewelry and more. Explore art techniques while engaging in creative play. $275
June 27-July 1 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Space Camp All aboard for a space adventure! Learn about outer space, build your own rocket and have fun with planet and galaxy activities. Enjoy exploring the conservatory and even make astronaut food. $275
July 11-15 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Garden Explorers Follow germination from seed to plant. Plant, tend and harvest straight from our gardens. Learn how to turn garden veggies into tasty treats. Explore how you can use materials from the garden for art and science while enjoying all the Conservatory has to offer. $275
July 18-22 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Art Adventures The Conservatory is a beautiful place to find inspiration through plant life and amazing outdoor art. Learn about different styles of art, see art in action at the hot shop, practice new art skills and create art to take home. Experiment with materials that could include chalk, paint, paper mache and clay. $275
July 25-29 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Classic Summer Camp Enjoy a week of summer fun that has something for everyone. Partake in tried and true summer camp favorites like tie-dying, kickball, arts and crafts and of course s’mores. Fill your days with gardening, creating art and having fun in the sun. End your week with a fun event celebrating summertime. $275
August 1-5 | Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday 9am-3pm Wizards and Magical Creatures Discover the magic of science, learn about scary plants and create strange potions. Design a wizard wardrobe, a magical creature and wizard treats. Adventures, imagination and fun will fill this week. Bring the magic to life while exploring the wizarding world at the Conservatory. $275