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Scout Programs

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is proud to partner with all Scout organizations to offer educational, hands-on activities that complement badge requirements.

Bring Your Troop to the Conservatory
The Conservatory offers Scouts unique opportunities to work towards earning badges while visiting the botanical gardens. Scouts will be provided with program supplies upon check-in. At that time, they will be able to explore the Conservatory and complete the required activities.

If interested, please contact us for more information and to finalize a program reservation. All Scout programs are self-guided and need to be booked at least 14 business days in advance.

Self-Guided Programs

To book a Scout program, contact Casey Backus (614.715.8030 or [email protected]). Please note: exhibitions and events that occur outside of the Conservatory’s General Admission hours are considered Special Engagements and additional costs may apply.

Buggy For Butterflies (March-May Only)

Search for creepy crawlies on a fun bug hunt that ends in a tropical haven full of fluttering butterflies. Study insect anatomy and life cycles while investigating these amazing creatures. Create a butterfly craft to remember all the fun!

Cost: $10.50 per scout, $8.50 per adult

Girl Scout Programs
Daisy Rosie Petal Walk around Franklin Park Conservatory and pick up litter. Take a pack of seeds home to plant flowers.
Cost: $10.50 per scout, $8.50 per adult
Brownie Senses Badge Complete a nature scavenger hunt. Walk around inside and outside listening for 10 different sounds. Follow a friend using only your nose. Explore how sight influences taste. Write your name in Braille. Cost: $10.50 per scout, $8.50 per adult
Brownie Outdoor Art Creator Badge Use your senses in nature. Make a leaf rubbing. Play a nature dance game. Zoom in on nature with photography or nature art. Build a Brownie Elf house. Cost: $10.50 per scout, $8.50 per adult
Junior Flowers Badge Go on a flower hunt. Stop and smell the flowers. Find out how flowers help people. Have fun with flowers. Send a message in flower code. Cost: $10.50 per scout, $8.50 per adult
Junior Gardener Badge Visit the indoor and outdoor gardens at the Conservatory. Plan your dream garden. Find six plants that grow in your hardiness zone. Experiment with seeds. Plant an indoor garden. Cost: $10.50 per scout, $8.50 per adult
Junior Outdoor Art Explorers Badge Create art inspired by wildlife. Make an impression. Sing outdoors. Be a nature photographer. Design a bird or bat house. Cost: $10.50 per scout, $8.50 per adult
Cadette Trees Badge Design a tree house. Sketch and label the parts of a tree. Capture a tree on your page. Debate logging, clear-cutting, and deforestation. Tend to a tree in your community. Cost: $10.50 per scout, $8.50 per adult
BSA Scout Programs
BSA Scouts Gardening Merit Badge Walk the indoor and outdoor gardens and note the hazards associated with gardening. Receive three vegetable seed packets and three flower seed packets to grow plants at home. Visit the botanical gardens and apiary to learn about pollination. Receive an informative guide to vermicomposting. Cost: $10.50 per scout, $8.50 per adult
BSA Scouts Landscape Architecture Merit Badge Visit the Conservatory to view a variety of Landscape Architecture. Identify the shrubs, trees, and ground cover used in the design. Look at and study where cars and buses park. View three landscape architecture job descriptions. Cost: $10.50 per scout, $8.50 per adult
BSA Scouts Plant Science Merit Badge Identify the parts of a flowering plant. Visit the apiary and learn about the importance of pollinating insects. Receive a seed packet to use at home. Read about the career opportunities at the Conservatory. Map out areas in the United States that are best for common crops. View and discuss what makes a landscape design good. Complete a tree inventory of Franklin Park. Cost: $10.50 per scout, $8.50 per adult

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