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Let’s Garden is a hands-on full circle garden designed to connect young visitors to the wonderful world of edible gardening. Energetic staff invites families to help with the gardening activity of the day, whether that be planting, weeding, harvesting or preparing for a garden feast. Let’s Garden features several accessible raised beds of various heights, a berry patch, pumpkin patch, compost bins and tumbler, and a moveable fire caldron for family-style cookouts.

Nibble Nook The Nibble Nook features a portable tasting station, a proven favorite with visitors as they eagerly try the harvest of the day. Nothing connects children to gardening more effectively than their taste buds!
Cookout Campfire Caregivers reminisce about fond childhood memories of cookouts around the campfire while the next generation get their first rewarding taste of grilled veggies, fruits and even popcorn.
Let's Garden Compost Area Kids learn how to create healthy soil from organic waste produced in the garden. The compost area gives us an opportunity to talk about the science behind composting - life cycles, decomposition, recycling, resource management, and more!