Cocktails at the Conservatory on December 7 is SOLD OUT! Conservatory Aglow will be closed on December 7 for this event.

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Cookie Decorating: Ohio Native Plants Edition

This class is sold out! Those interested can view other culinary classes or join the wait list. Joining the wait list will result in a confirmation email, this does not guarantee a spot in the class.

This is a culinary class taught by local baker, Plenty O’Smiles of Plenty O’ Cookies.

Let’s decorate some cookies! The class theme is Ohio native plants in celebration of Earth Month and Ohio Native Plant Month. Plenty O’Smiles will show you how to decorate cookies to look like native flowers and pollinators.

She is a self-taught cookie baker & decorator extraordinaire based in Columbus, and she wants you to join her for this cookie revolution! Enjoy a glass of wine while she instructs and guides you through decorating all three of your creatively inspired sugar cookies, all while putting a huge smile on you and your friends’ faces. It’s what she does best! Each guest will get to take three beautifully decorated cookies with them.

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Instructor: Plenty O'Smiles "I’m Alex—a self-taught baker and decorator extraordinaire, based in Columbus, Ohio. I got my start in an apple-adorned kitchen baking with my family. I was nothing but a boy with a rolling pin, a mouth full of raw cookie dough, and a dream. A dream that one day I would be a star. And now, with a little help from my stand mixer, piping bags, and support system, there’s nothing that will get in my way.

So, you may be wondering what this 'Plenty O'Cookies' business is about. The name Plenty O'Cookies actually stems from a different part of my life: I’m a drag queen. You can call me Alex by day and Plenty O'Smiles by night. You could say that I’m in it for the dough, but in all actuality, I’m in it to conquer the world. C’mon drag queen baker! Oh my, look at me dragging on about my life and dreams."