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Community Day

Community Day is the first Sunday of every month. Residents of Columbus and Franklin County receive free General Admission. Identification is required.

Community Days include access to the entirety of our gardens and collections and current daytime exhibitions. Admission to Special Engagements (Chihuly Nights, Pumpkins AglowConservatory Aglow) is not included. Please read the FAQ

Plan Your Visit

Know Before You Go We ask all visitors to be aware of our rules before visiting. Here is where you'll find more information on safety, accessibility, parking, food and more. Explore the Conservatory From plant collections and botanical gardens to art and a gift shop, there's so much to explore. Current Exhibitions Exhibitions change throughout the year. Find out what's in store during your Community Day visit.

Community Day does not include Special Engagements (Chihuly Nights, Pumpkins Aglow, Conservatory Aglow)

Frequently Asked Questions


Wheelchairs and motorized scooters are available for free on a first-come-first-served basis.

Designated parking spaces are available near the Main Entrance. Guests can be dropped off in front of the Main Entrance if necessary.

Service Animals are the only animals permitted at the Conservatory.

Please contact us at [email protected] with any specific accessibility concerns.


Tickets cannot be reserved for Community Days. Please proceed to the Main Entrance to check in.

Proof of Columbus or Franklin County residency is required to receive free admission. Non-residents can still visit the Conservatory on Community Days but they will be required to purchase tickets.

The Conservatory can still reach capacity, at which point admission will be restricted. Guest levels will be kept to an enjoyable and safe level. Community Days rarely reach capacity but you can contact our staff with capacity questions.

We ask those who have the means to support the Conservatory through admission to consider visiting another day so Community Days stay true to their purpose of increasing access to the gardens.

Who receives free admission on Community Day?

The mission of Community Days is to improve access to the Conservatory’s immediate community, so admission is waived specifically for residents of the City of Columbus and Franklin County on Community Days. Please bring proof of residency to receive waived admission.

Non-residents can still visit and admission rates remain the same.

What's included in Community Day?

Everything included in General Admission* is included in Community Days. You can learn more about the Conservatory’s daily offerings:

Many Community Days also feature additional programming, performances and partnerships with local organizations. Please see the listings for each specific Community Day to learn more.

*General Admission and Community Days do not include Special Engagements (Chihuly Nights, Pumpkins Aglow, Conservatory, etc.)

What hours are Community Days?

Community Days occur during standard General Admission hours which are typically 10am-5pm and 10am-4pm in December and January.

Special Engagements or evening events that happen to fall on the same date as Community Days are not included in admission.

Are these events weather dependent?

No, Community Days are not weather dependent. The entire Conservatory is open and guests can move inside during inclement weather.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation Children’s Garden may be closed during inclement weather.

Is parking available?

Yes, the Conservatory has a free parking lot for guests located off East Broad Street. Guests can also be dropped off or picked up in front of the Main Entrance. Please see our map.

If necessary, additional parking is available at the Franklin Park Adventure Center. This parking may be utilized on Community Days with additional programming as these events can be quite popular.

What if I can't visit on Community Day but need waived admission?

Residents of the City of Columbus and Franklin County can check out temporary memberships (which grant waived admission) from several local libraries. Learn more about Library Memberships.

Museums for All tickets are available for $3 (including General Admission and Special Engagements) for qualifying individuals and their immediate families. These tickets are available to everyone who qualifies, regardless of residency.

Several Admission Discounts are available.

Other Access Offerings are available.