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Botanica Gift Shop & Greenhouse

Bring the magic home and celebrate the season no matter the time of year. Purchase nature-themed decorations for the home, as well as unique plants, pottery, terrariums, stationery, jewelry and children’s toys and books.

  • Exhibition-related items
  • Hand-blown glass items created on site in the Hot Shop
  • Children’s items
  • Seasonal home décor
  • Handcrafted jewelry
  • Bonsai, seasonal and tropical houseplants
  • Fairy Garden products
  • Gardening tools and supplies

Design Your Own Ornament

Saturday, November 17–Sunday, December 16
Purchase a beautiful hand-blown glass ornament in colors and patterns of your choice! To order, complete a template (download below). After November 17, return your template in person to Botanica or mail to the Conservatory with payment enclosed. See the template for more details.

Mail to: Franklin Park Conservatory, c/o Botanica Gift Shop, 1777 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43203

Download Template

Sales & Specials

Member-Only Discount Night Thursday, November 29

During the Member Holiday Event, members with ID card receive 20% off holiday merchandise.
Holiday Sale Wednesday, December 26, 2018
through Wednesday, January 2, 2019

25–50% off all holiday-themed merchandise.

Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly

Tuscan Red Seaform, 2018

“The natural elements of fire, velocity, gravity, and centrifugal force were always there, always the same. The difference was that I worked in this abstract way and let the forces of nature have a bigger role in the ultimate shape.”
—Dale Chihuly

It was a seemingly natural progression for Dale Chihuly’s Basket series to evolve into a more abstract series titled Seaforms. The transition was not intentional, but merely a continuation of Chihuly’s exploratory and curious nature.

The charged red palette of the 2018 Studio Edition Tuscan Red Seaform transitions from deep burgundy to a burnished, fiery red-orange and revisits aesthetics found in Chihuly’s earlier Seaforms. Varying shades of red body wrap sweep across the surface of the form, which is then twisted and capped with a teal green lip wrap. The resulting effect creates an exquisite mosaic-like pattern that is emphasized by the artwork’s rippling form. The simple and complex are juxtaposed and defined in this rich, elemental Studio Edition.

Chihuly’s signature is engraved on this handblown work, which stands approximately six inches tall. It is accompanied by a 10 x 10″ Plexiglas display vitrine and a copy of the book Chihuly Seaforms.

Capri Blue Seaform, 2018

“Because their shapes are so amorphous and irregular, their walls so convoluted and their contours so elaborate, they refute classical balance, achieving a kind of delicate equipoise.”
—Joan Seeman Robinson on Chihuly’s Seaform series

Dale Chihuly’s organic shapes and seductive colors combine to create Seaforms suspended in perfectly weightless moments. The sensual and fluent waves of the two-piece composition Capri Blue Seaform, a 2018 Studio Edition, intensify the play of shadow and light between the ripples of the body, while its raised body wrap encompasses each element to accentuate the artwork’s aqueous spirit and profound depth. Contrasting tones of transparent and opaque blue harmonize to create an immersive, optical aura that is at once organic and transcendent.

Chihuly’s signature is engraved on this handblown work, which measures approximately ten inches in width. It is accompanied by a 12 x 12″ Plexiglas display vitrine and a copy of the book Chihuly Seaforms.

Laguna Persian, 2018

“The compositions of the Persians look as if they occurred by happenstance, while the fragility of the glass lends itself a special poignancy to these pieces because they appear to have survived time and pillaging.”
—Robert Hobbs, “Dale Chihuly’s Persians: Acts of Survival,” in Chihuly Persians

Composed of two abstract and beguiling elements, the 2018 Studio Edition Laguna Persian communicates an ancient sensibility through a contemporary form. Bathed in lush emerald green, the artwork’s undulating waves are wound with a sinuous body wrap of golden amber, chartreuse, and oxblood red to reveal an internal candescence and inviting contrast. Spanish yellow lip wraps illuminate the scalloped edges of Laguna Persian, a Studio Edition that, through its back-to-back composition, conveys an intuitive exuberance for environment and form.

Laguna Persian, signed by Chihuly, is handblown and measures approximately eleven inches in width and six and a half inches in height. The work is accompanied by a 12 x 12″ Plexiglas display vitrine and a copy of the book Chihuly Persians.

Ivory Luster Basket, 2018

“I had seen some beautiful Northwest Coast Indian baskets at the Washington State Historical Society, and I was struck by the grace of their slumped, sagging forms. I wanted to capture this grace in glass.”
—Dale Chihuly

Through the time-honored process of glassblowing, using few tools and relying on the forces of nature and human breath, Dale Chihuly achieved his vision to reimagine the aging and slumping Native American baskets he so admired. The 2018 Studio Edition Ivory Luster Basket, a strong statement in its simplicity, embodies the ephemeral, amorphous, and free-form attributes for which Chihuly’s forty-year-old Basket series is known.

A thin veil of glass, stretched taut around the breath that initiated it, creates a spacious interior in which rest two smaller Basket elements, each varying in degrees of translucency and opacity. An oxblood wrap, beginning at the lip of each of the three forms, continues in a graceful, arcing extension that accentuates the dimensional presence of the entire composition.

The hand-blown Ivory Luster Basket is signed by Chihuly and measures approximately eight and a half inches high. The sculpture is accompanied by a 12 x 12″ Plexiglas display vitrine and a copy of the book Chihuly Baskets.

Botanica reflects the Conservatory’s mission to provide visitors with an exceptional botanical experience, educational opportunities, and an appreciation of art and nature. Purchases made at Botanica help support the Conservatory’s horticulture and educational programs.