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Botanica Gift Shop & Greenhouse

Bring the magic of the Conservatory home and celebrate every season with Botanica. Our plants are always reasonably priced and sold with the expert knowledge from our staff. Guests can purchase gardening tools, nature-themed decorations, pottery, terrariums, stationery, jewelry and children’s toys and books.

The Conservatory’s Hot Shop also supplies Botanica with a selection of unique, hand-blown glass art.

Featured Products

Painted Lady Larvae Painted lady larvae in stock! Experience the metamorphosis process up close and release the fully emerged butterfly into your garden. Larvae sales are subject to availability and sold on a first come first serve basis. Please call 614-715-8010 to check availability. Orders of 10 or more must be placed by phone at least two weeks in advance and secured with a credit card.

Care Instructions

The Sound Bites May is National Better Hearing Month and The Sound Bites is a beautifully illustrated book that teaches kids and their caregivers the 24 consonant sounds in a fun, approachable way.

The conservatory is partnering with the author of The Sound Bites to donate one book for every book sold.
Unique Plants Botanica Gift Shop & Greenhouse carries a large variety of species for plant lovers. New arrivals come in every week, but rare plants sell quickly!

Botanica's plants are well cared for and always sold at a fair price.

Botanica reflects the Conservatory’s mission to provide visitors with an exceptional botanical experience, educational opportunities, and an appreciation of art and nature. Purchases made at Botanica help support the Conservatory’s horticulture and educational programs.

Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly

The latest Studio Editions by Chihuly are now available for purchase through Botanica Gift Shop & Greenhouse! The Conservatory is proud to be home to the largest permanent collection of Chihuly glass artwork within a botanical garden—a collection that represents a milestone moment in Conservatory history. The Studio Editions are a way to commemorate this historic cultural achievement for the Columbus community.

Please call 614-715-8010 for the availability and pricing of all Studio Editions.

Kingfisher Persian, 2022

Color and energy are the epicenter of Dale Chihuly’s body of work known as the Persians. These spiraling and fluctuating glass sculptures formed using the most elemental of tools – gravity, breath, and heat – capture Chihuly’s quintessential fascination with color and the medium’s transmission of light. “The elasticity of each form manifests glass’s real character as a frozen liquid, as molecules held in suspension,” observes art historian Robert Hobbs. This elasticity is enhanced by swirling, ambient color along the characteristic spines of the Persian forms which adds an illuminating quality.

Composed of two individual forms nestled against each other the Kingfisher Persian has transparent brandied-amber centers, which provide a luminous juxtaposition against the velvety lapis band that edge each form. A delicate, dark gold body wrap contributes to the dimensionality of the sculpture, while its golden yellow lip wrap draws together the dialogue of color and form.

Edition of 175
Approx dimensions 6-1/2” H x 11” W x 6” D
© 2022 Chihuly. All rights reserved.

Aurora Macchia, 2022


Unexpected combinations of color in Dale Chihuly’s Macchia achieve the artist’s vision of a visceral experience in color and light. Molten glass is manipulated, as layer upon layer of colored pigments are added, to create works that are mottled yet ablaze with intensity. Chihuly’s inventiveness and love of challenges are key in the development of these extraordinary and multihued sculptures.

The graceful, asymmetrical profile of the Aurora Macchia Studio Edition offers simultaneous views of its interior and exterior color palettes: a rich cerulean blue spills from within the sculpture, in contrast to its coral red exterior. As light shifts through these two palettes, the true coaxial nature of the combination is revealed, setting the interior aglow with a soft and mesmerizing luminosity. A dark lapis lip wrap defines the sculpture’s extraordinary form.

Edition of 175
Approx. dimensions: 7-3/4” H x 10” W x 9-1/2” D
© 2022 Chihuly. All rights reserved

Saturn Yellow Basket, 2021

In 1977, Dale Chihuly set out to interpret in glass the essence of softly slumping and aging fiber baskets woven by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

The Saturn Yellow Basket Studio Edition captures Chihuly’s original vision for this body of work and incorporates his sensibility in grouping individual elements together to emphasize the visual experience. Each of its three vessels presents a honey-yellow hue contrasted by a dark oxblood red lip wrap that winds sinuously along the surface and accentuates the sculpture’s dimensional presence.

Edition of 150
Approx. dimensions 5” H x 11” W x 10-1/2” D
© 2022 Chihuly. All rights reserved.

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