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Botanica Gift Shop & Greenhouse

Bring the magic of the Conservatory home and celebrate every season with Botanica. Our plants are always reasonably priced and sold with the expert knowledge from our staff. Guests can purchase gardening tools, nature-themed decorations, pottery, terrariums, stationery, jewelry and children’s toys and books.

The Conservatory’s Hot Shop also supplies Botanica with a selection of unique, hand-blown glass art.

Upcoming Sales

Orchid Sale January 22-23
20% off all orchids, orchid pottery, books and supplies
Jewelry Sale February 5-6
20% off all jewelry
Valentines Day Special February 14
20% off all blooming plants
Staff Blooms & Butterflies Special February 26
20% off all blooming bulb plants and all Insectlore children's educational merchandise

Botanica reflects the Conservatory’s mission to provide visitors with an exceptional botanical experience, educational opportunities, and an appreciation of art and nature. Purchases made at Botanica help support the Conservatory’s horticulture and educational programs.

Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly

The latest Studio Editions by Chihuly are now available for purchase at Botanica Gift Shop & Greenhouse! The Conservatory is proud to be home to the largest permanent collection of Chihuly glass artwork within a botanical garden—a collection that represents a milestone moment in Conservatory history. The Studio Editions are a way to commemorate this historic cultural achievement for the Columbus community.

*Appointments must be requested to view and purchase Chihuly Glass Studio Editions and Limited Edition Prints. Appointments are available Mondays – Sundays. Please inquire at Botanica or call 614.715.8010.

Viola Plum Macchia, 2021

Color does not augment form but becomes form.
—Robert Hobbs, Dale Chihuly: Objets de Verre, 1986

Two defining characteristics of Dale Chihuly’s Macchia series are the contrasting interior and exterior colors and the “spots” created by colored-glass frit, or “jimmies.” To achieve these qualities, the interior color of the sculpture is applied to the molten clear-glass bubble. The bubble is then rolled over chunks of white glass, which keep the interior and exterior colors separate and provide a clean, white canvas on which to apply more color in the form of mineralized, organic pigments such as glass powder, dust, and frit. These colors then stretch and striate under the ministrations of breath, heat, and gravity to become vessels pulsing with energy and free-form abandon.

Chihuly’s passion for color is born out of his mother Viola’s extensive gardens and glorious sunsets over Puget Sound. The 2021 Viola Plum Macchia is a landscape of abundant colors with exterior spots and striations of purple, red, blue, and yellow yielding to an interior of deep plum. A low-profile form encourages views of the center, where the exterior colors converge in a kaleidoscopic manner. A steely blue lip wrap complements both the interior and exterior palettes.

Edition of 175
Approx dimensions 6 H x 9 W x 9” D

Rosetta Persian, 2021

For Chihuly is no formalist; he needs to imply movement and growth. His technical innovations and refinements serve only to provide more options—relating to what he can make glass do and what associations he can suggest to natural phenomenon.
—Linda Norden, Dale Chihuly: Glass, 1982

Dale Chihuly’s Persian series, which began as an exploration of new forms, serves as a contemporary expression of timeless beauty and a demonstration of wild asymmetry that borders on defiance. Whether presented on pedestals or in large wall or ceiling installations, Persians elicit wonder in their beholders and notions of exotic ancient civilizations.

Opening in waves of voluptuous rose red, the 2021 Rosetta Persian Studio Edition reveals the molten glass’s responsiveness to gravitational pull and gestural manipulation in the blowing process. A thin red body wrap spiraling around the fan-shaped element adds to the dimensional agility of the composition, while the smaller interior element invites introspection. An earthy green lip wrap grounds and defines the tensile scalloped edges of the sculpture.

Edition of 175
Approx dimensions 7-1/2 H x 10 W x 9-1/2” D

Seagrass Seaform, 2021

The various glass vessels nestling within each other create a satisfying sense of intimacy and enclosure—they are protective but not defensive; the translucency of glass invites one to look in without feeling that one is invading a private territory.
—Robert Hobbs, Dale Chihuly: Objets de Verre, 1986

Dale Chihuly began assembling elements from within a series while developing his Baskets in the 1970s. By nesting smaller elements within larger vessels, Chihuly creates compositions that encourage viewers to look through the walls of the outer form to discover a microcosm of color and transparency. Seaforms, which evolved out of Chihuly’s Basket series, continue this exploration of transparency and environment.

The first Seaform Studio Edition composed of three individual elements, Chihuly Workshop’s 2021 Seagrass Seaform is a remarkable representation of Chihuly’s penchant for assembling distinct forms into one unified vision. The largest element presents a transparent center that directs attention to the brilliant blue “ribs” and kelp green edges, while a smaller form in opaque chartreuse rests within. Echoing the palette of blue and green, a curlicued element winds its way from within the composition to bring balance to the juxtaposed qualities of transparency and opacity. A dramatic red lip wrap on all three elements contributes a vibrant contrast.

Edition of 175
Approx dimensions 6 H x 11-1/2 W x 8” D

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