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January Community Day Supports “Om” for All

Published November 21, 2022

Take a deep breath in. Now let it out. Do it again, while counting to five on your inhale. Hold the breath for five counts. Now, slowly release the breath for a final five count. Feel a bit better? 

Science shows that deep breathing can help us relax, lower blood pressure, and improve our focus. With the support of community members like you, the Conservatory plans to bring relaxation to the whole community in 2023, promoting wellness for all.

On January 1, neighbors from throughout Columbus will come together in our John F. Wolfe Palm House to breathe, reset, and start off the new year on a relaxing note during our free Community-Sponsored Community Day! Surrounded by beautiful palms in the warm, fresh air of our Victorian-era glasshouse, aspiring yogis of all skill levels will practice a series of asanas, or poses, led by local instructors from nearby studios. 

Guests participate in yoga during January’s Community Day

Community Days, including our January wellness day, are a monthly opportunity for any Franklin County or City of Columbus resident to visit the Conservatory free of charge, allowing neighbors of all backgrounds to experience the Conservatory regardless of ability to pay. The Conservatory strives to host exciting programs, activities, live performances, and special guests during Community Days, helping to make the whole community feel welcome and reflecting diverse cultures and communities. 

Along with yoga sessions, the January Community Day offers visitors an opportunity to get closer to nature by enjoying all that the Conservatory has to offer. Spending time in green spaces like the Conservatory has been proven to support wellness by boosting creativity, lowering stress levels, and improving attention. 


Our January Community Day can only happen with community support, which is why we’re making this Giving Tuesday (Nov. 29) “Giving Back Tuesday” with this in mind! Community members just like you will join together to sponsor our January Community Day, making gifts from $5 to $5,000 that bring wellness, peace, and joy to their neighbors. It costs thousands to operate and staff the Conservatory for a single day, so meeting our $10,000 Community Day goal will allow the Conservatory to continue offering this important Access initiative for all who need it.

We look forward to welcoming our neighbors into the John F. Wolfe Palm House for a restorative day of deep breathing, contemplation, and stretching that supports body, mind, and spirit on January 1, 2023. Thank you for being part of the Conservatory community and helping to grow a calmer, greener world for us all.

Local instructors lead yoga sessions for guests

P.S. If you could use some extra chill between now and then, check out this short video to learn a sun salutation that you can do anytime, anywhere and bring a bit of Conservatory calm into your busy holiday season!

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