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Conservatory Cultivators

Like gardeners grow plants with water, soil, and light, donors grow the Conservatory with love, care, and financial support. These are your stories.

We’re excited to launch this new blog for you, our supporters, and share stories that hopefully will make you smile.

Articles from the quarterly donor newsletter are shared here so you can read about the happy moments, exciting achievements and everyday memories you make possible at Conservatory. Along the way, we will also loop in our staff members to share their expertise about horticulture, favorite stories from guest interactions and fun facts. The investment you make in us makes good happen every day.

Here are those stories.

Recent Stories

Autumn 2022 Women’s Board Bus Tour Visits Garden Helping Refugees Grow a Taste of Home On a cool and refreshing August afternoon that felt just on the cusp of rain, Abbie Sigmon greeted me with a smile. We sat down to talk about her work and community gardens in Columbus.
Autumn 2022 It’s Never too Late to Celebrate Summer with this Blackberry Mint Mocktail Did you know that there are over 20 varieties of mint? Read on for a tasty mocktail recipe that will help you enjoy the last days of summer!
Autumn 2022 In Celebration of the Legacy of Alexis Jacobs On June 22, friends gathered at the Conservatory for a celebration of life for Alexis Jacobs. She passed away on June 3 at the age of 80, bequeathing an unrestricted gift of $4 million.
Autumn 2022 Children’s Garden Pollywog Pond Transformation Has Our Amphibian Friends Leaping for Joy! This summer, one of our most frequently asked questions in the Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation Children’s Garden has been “what HAPPENED to the pond?”
Autumn 2022 Conservatory Stories Visitors having been sharing their "dialogue" about Diálogos. Do you want to share what you love about the Conservatory?
Autumn 2022 History of the Persimmon Tree Did you know that the Conservatory has a very special persimmon tree in our Bonsai Courtyard?

Previous Editions

Summer 2022
Summer 2022 One Woman’s Summer Reading Challenge Supports Learning for All Amy Grace Ulman faced a challenge. “My first child was an early talker. Check. My second child was a late talker. Hmm, that was not part of the plan..." Read More
Summer 2022 Cherry Blossoms and Community, Brought to You by Honda This year, the Conservatory partnered with the Japan-America Society of Central Ohio to plan a Hanami... Read More
Summer 2022 A Birthday to Remember: The Legacy of Landscape Architect Fredrick Law Olmsted On April 26, a group of garden lovers gathered to sing “Happy Birthday” and eat cake in honor of a friend. The catch? The friend being celebrated was born 200 years ago, all the way back in 1822... Read More
Spring 2022
Spring 2022 A Note From Carmen Boy It’s officially spring! If you’re wondering what could be better than the advent of sunshine and time outdoors….I can tell you: you are! Read More
Spring 2022 A Conservatory Comeback Story: How donors made a difference Two years ago, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the world as we knew it. The Conservatory faced one of its most difficult periods to date, but today we have great cause to be thankful. Because of your support... Read More
Spring 2022 We’re Exploring Science with Head Start! This winter, Franklin Park Conservatory began a new partnership with Head Start thanks to two grant funders. Conservatory Educators are visiting Head Start classrooms across Columbus... Read More
Spring 2022 10 Tips To Set Your Spring Garden Up For Success How does one de-winterize their garden? How do you know if your yard or plants are where they should be? When can you expect to see flora on your walks and runs through your neighborhood... Read More
Spring 2022 We're So Grateful For Our Volunteers Altogether, volunteers gave 11,108 hours to the Conservatory in 2021. The total value of the service provided by volunteers to the Conservatory last year equaled an amazing $282,921! Read More

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