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Wild West Town

Four destinations are nestled throughout the 1,100+ feet of track that make up Paul Busse Garden RailwayThe handmade structures and plantings reflect the theme of the destination.

Trains were relatively new in the United States but made a significant impact on the Wild West, c. 1865-1895. The railroads made it easier to migrate from the East to the West. The year 1895 marked the end of the Wild West era and the beginning of a new phase for the train industry, as electric locomotives were introduced.

The 14 structures resemble a miniature Wild West town. You can imagine folks running errands at the general store, visitors heading from the hotel to one of the saloons, and kids playing outside the schoolhouse.

A variety of sedums were used to create a prairie look: sedum ‘Lime Twister’, sedum ochroleucum ‘Red Wiggle’ and sedum album subsp. teretifolium ‘Murale’. Small spruces are trimmed to give the landscape a wind-blown look.

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