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These pocket demonstration gardens inspire caregivers and delight children. It is the caregiver who is empowered to make a positive change in the daily life of a child, and this colorful, charming, do-it-yourself garden collection encourages parents, grandparents and teachers to take away creative ideas to do just that.

Inspiration Pocket Garden Sensory Garden The Sensory Garden overflows with plants that tickle our senses. Visitors of all abilities enjoy the bold, aromatic blooms and scented foliage of plants exhibited in a sinuous raised bed and many eye-catching pots.
Inspiration Pocket Garden Pollen Makers & Movers Garden This garden is alive with butterflies and native bees. Children especially like to watch the ruby-throated hummingbird fly in for a taste of nectar at the feeder. A secret stepping stone path leads to the center of the "Most Beautiful Rain Garden Ever."
Inspiration Pocket Garden Bee Bop Corner Visitors discover a garden that celebrates the sense of sound in a big way. Friends and families jam on the marimba, wooden turtle drums and an interactive bamboo curtain to create beautiful music together.