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Please note: The opening of all water features is currently delayed, and a confirmed date has not been determined. Please refer to our website and social media for further updates.

Visitors pass alongside the 15-foot-tall Sandstone Bluff, inspired by Hocking Hills sandstone geology, to discover a friendly Wayside Gnome, who welcomes all to My Ohio Woods. As they walk along the 166-foot long bluff, children discover moss, lichens, ferns and fossils. My Ohio Woods captures the essence of the dramatic landforms, towering trees and rugged streams of the Hocking Hills region, providing a place for families to explore their dynamic Ohio landscape again and again.

My Ohio Woods Green Man Moss-and fern-laden plant pockets on the bluff hide the face of the Green Man in the rock layers, the mystical creature that oversees all that happens in the woods.
My Ohio Woods The Headwaters At The Headwaters, water trickles and drips along the fern-adorned bluff wall, calling children to touch and explore the spring, rock formations and fossils embedded in the bluff walls.
Sandstone Creek Rivulets form at the base of The Headwaters, and water gathers in pools and waterways. Sandstone Creek is the perfect place to paddle barefoot in the shallow pools, float sticks and build dams in the stream, or just cool off.