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The ever-changing beauty of our Ohio landscape is the inspiration for the Children’s Garden’s design, and it is in Nature Art Studio that ephemeral earth art programming strengthens that story. Under the supervision of Conservatory educators, children are invited to harvest their art material from the cutting garden that surrounds a large flexible lawn area, the latter of which will support an amazing amount of creative programming. The Nature Art Studio will also feature a natural weaving frame and over-sized acrylic panel easels for painting with natural paint.

Floating Frame The Floating Frame is a 10’ x 16’ stone capped reflecting pool that provides a reliable backdrop for buoyant ephemeral art, such as colorful flower petal chains, autumn leaf collages or grass weavings.
Nature Art Studio Inspiration & Ingredient Garden This “cutting garden” provides inspiration as well as material for the art that happens in Nature Art Studio. The brightest blooms and seed pods in the annual beds are surrounded by perennial sources of autumn leaves, colorful bark and amazing berries.