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When children and their caregivers are ready to drop from happy exhaustion, it is time to wind down in this trio of themed pocket gardens to read, write, ponder, nap or sneak up on a faery or two!

Whisper Gardens Reading Garden A literary-themed garden created fresh each year that highlights plants and/or places within a favorite book. Visitors can sit in quiet corners of the Reading Garden and grab a book from the Free Library.
Whisper Gardens Whisper Bench Geometrically designed to gather even the smallest of voices at one end of the semi-circular bench and amplify and project the messages forward to eager listeners at the other end, the Whisper Bench delights visitors of all ages.
Whisper Garden Faery Garden In the Faery Garden, staff have tucked fairy houses among the plants for children to find. At the faery house creation station, visitors build tiny houses out of natural materials.