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Author Talk: Gardening for Moths with Jim McCormac and Chelsea Gottfried

This is a free class presented by authors, Jim McCormac and Chelsea Gottfried.

Our enchantment with butterflies isn’t surprising. These daytime flyers are easily observed and collectively encompass a rainbow palette of colors punctuated with ornate patterns. However, their close relatives the moths overwhelm butterflies in species diversity and sheer numbers. Most moths are nocturnal and largely out of sight and mind. Nonetheless, they are one of the most important animal groups. Moths are inextricably intertwined with native plants, bats, birds and the whole of the eastern deciduous forest ecosystem. They play an enormous role in the pollination of native plants. In addition, they are often far more interesting than butterflies, both visually and behaviorally.

This talk will be a pictorial journey into an intriguing and little-known world that unfolds all around us. We can greatly benefit the ecosystem around us by “moth-gardening” in our yards. The talk will include time for Q&A.

You can also catch Jim and Chelsea as featured authors at the 17th Ohioana Book Festival on Saturday, April 22, at Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Main Library.

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Jim McCormac Jim worked for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for 31 years as a botanist, later specializing in wildlife diversity projects, especially involving birds. He has authored or co-authored six books, including Birds of Ohio (Lone Pine 2004); and Wild Ohio: The Best of Our Natural Heritage (Kent State University Press 2009). The latter won the 2010 Ohioana Book award. He is a co-author of the Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas II book. He’s currently at work on books about dragonflies, and moths.

Jim writes a column, Nature, for the Columbus Dispatch, and regularly publishes a natural history blog. He has written numerous articles in a variety of publications and has delivered hundreds of presentations throughout the eastern United States. He was named 2015 Conservation Communicator of the Year by the Ohio League of Sportsmen. Jim is an avid photographer, shooting a range of natural history subjects. He has had hundreds of photos published in various forums.
Chelsea Gottfried Chelsea Gottfried is a Naturalist and Nature-based Preschool Teacher for the Crawford Park District in North Central Ohio. Additionally, she is an avid native plant gardener and a passionate entomologist as well as the co-author of Gardening for Moths: A Regional Guide.