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Bonsai Workshop in Watercolor (Daytime)

This is a painting class led by fine artist, Miriam Baranov.

Learn the basics of watercolor from fine artist Miriam Baranov as you bring a bonsai tree to life on your page, after being inspired during a short walk by the Bonsai Collection at the Franklin Park Conservatory. The class kicks off with an hour dedicated to hands-on learning watercolor fundamentals, covering tips, setup techniques, and viewing demonstrations on painting the subject matter, color matching, and creating color studies. Students can follow along, receiving critiques and having their questions answered.

In the second hour, students have the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned by completing their own painting. Choose from a selection of photo references, combining the class concepts to craft a final study.

If necessary, please check your spam folder for communications about this class.

Instructor: Miriam Baranov "Hello. My name is Miriam and I am a realist painter and educator who recently moved to the Columbus area. I have extensive history with watercolor and my work includes realistic portraits, illustrations and loose watercolor doodles. I love the freedom and spontaneity of watercolor. It is directly related to self-expression. There is a magical quality in the transparency and brilliancy of the medium which has had me hooked on it since day one. Every time I pick up the brush and let the water carry the pigment I learn something new, that is why this medium is so fun and exciting to teach."